Got my the first one!

If you know me or have been reading my blog for a while, you will know that I don’t usually mince words. I have stated before that in a park of two hundred sites there are going to be a couple of north ends of a horse running south…if you get what I’m saying! They come in all shapes and sizes and sooner or later they all will raise their head and expose their true character, last night we had a sighting of a large one, short stocky, bald headed, pot bellied, and spoke of himself in the third party…true to form this one was fuelled by some sort of recreational medication, not alcohol I have seen enough drunks, and didn’t act like a pot head (I know a few of them to), no this one was a glassy eyed goof that I found outside pissing on the shrubs beside his neighbours trailer with his rottweiler leg cocked pissing on the bushes beside him, how cute I thought a bitch and her master marking their territory!

Let’s just call this this goof Jack Anderson in fact let’s call him Jack A. for short and in changing his name I’m just trying to protect his identity, after all I don’t want him feeling bullied. So the encounter starts Jack A. I said calmly some people in the park have voiced concerns with the volume of the music you are playing, Jack A’s instant response was I should tell them to go home (I have got to admit I didn’t see that one coming, and that wasn’t one of the solutions I had even thought of), so I tried to explain to him that did not seem like a viable solution, so I suggested maybe just turning the volume down might be easier, hell I even said please, to which I got the “who the hell are you to tell me to turn my music down?” So I explained that I was the park manager, and that was when he started the whole third person thing telling me Jack could play his music untill 11 o’clock, I said no you can’t play Jacks music so loud that people three rows over are complaining, and then the line I love the best Jack A. rolls out the “I know the owner” line, I said Jack A. so do I which seemed to be a lot for Jack A’s little drug induced mind to handle so when he recovered enough he wanted to speak to the owner well Richard and Bonnie were not in the park, but through the wonder of modern technology I was able to get the Richard on the phone so Jack A. was able to hear from the owner that this was not an acceptable form of behaviour in the park.

Of course after the call Jack A. still had to act defiant after all he had just marked his territory, so I just headed down the road to give the drug induced mind of Jack A. a little time to try to understand what was happening, and when I did my next drive by about thirty minutes later the volume was much better, and with my next trip by the drug induced Jack A. had left the park. That’s great, well no, not so much as now I’m feeling bad about not just called the police at the beginning of this encounter, now Jack A. is out there driving impaired risking the lives of innocent people, now I am second guessing my self, I followed the directions given to me but here is a case of what could I have done different. If I had seen him leaving I could have reported it to the local police, then Jack A. who is to my understanding a truck driver would probably have lost licence and his livelihood, but after a little pause for thought at least everyone would still have been alive and well….I think that this one has to go down in the books as a failure on my part….it definitely will be an ahh ha moment and I will handle it better next time. A few quick photos for documentation, licence plate number to report to the police, and some proof of Jack A’s interactions with me, yes next time I will be better prepared, and may take a second person for videoing the incident or a dash cam operating on the cart would make it much easier when it comes time to renew Jack A’s lease agreement…or not…just thinking.

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