Sad times…😕….or not?

Way back in April when we first met Richard and Bonnie, Richard told me that there would be between fifteen and twenty percent turn over in the park each year and I think I was taken back by that because it seemed like a large number, that is thirty to forty site that will change each year.

Well it seems to be running true, as the contracts for the 2020 season are due within the next week a number of people have indicated that they will not be returning next year, the reasons vary from age, financial, job changes, marital changes, kids growing up, and the list continues. But there has been a flurry of people wanting to get into the park or switch sites as they become available, Miss Laurie has been working overtime as all the contracts have to be checked, payments verified, and a stream of new clients touring sites and making offers on existing trailers and sites.

We have met most of this years site holders and will be sad to see some move on to different areas and times in their life, many will be missed and of course some not so much, as some people are just a lot higher maintenance than others, some are more friendly than others, and others are have been that pain in the ass that I have spoke about…but right behind them are new clients that are taking over units and preparing to take over new freshly emptied sites with plans for the new year.

Some will not be missed, the ones that can not follow the rules, the ones that are the noisiest, their kids are the poorest behaved, they are the biggest drain on the resources, they always leave items like the air conditioner running when they are not here, and alway sneak extra guests and are so stupid they don’t think we know they are cheating, so in these cases we will be glad to see their tail lights go down the road.

We just had someone pull their trailer out without even saying anything, no indication that they did not intend on renewing, they also left the fire ring full of garbage, it is these clients that we are really glad to see move on. They never tried to fit in socially and would definitely be better of as transient campers as they have no respect for the surrounding people, so rather than ruin their neighbours whole summer they could just ruin the weekend of multiple families through out the summer…so goodbye, good riddance, and oh yah we will pick up after you yet again since your mommy doesn’t work here and obviously failed to teach you proper manners!

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