Technical Difficulties…😟

Well a funny thing happened, I decided to upgrade the blog from just the free version to a “Premium” version and along with that came a lot of great upgrades, and the ability to eliminate company’s from attaching advertisements to my blog. Not an expensive process but a process with a lot of little changes and apparently I missed doing one of the steps. So a punishment my site was suspended for a few days until I conformed…which is not one of my better known traits. So if you are reading this I have done everything properly and have conformed.

Now don’t be thinking that I’m trying to compete for any kind of level other that just keeping our friends and family informed as to what is happening in our life on a day to day basis. I will admit that it has been a lot of fun writing the blogs, and I even seem to be getting better at adding a photo now and then…and it gives me a platform to go on an occasional rant now and then. The federal government of Canada just announced a fall election yesterday, and we have a band of idiots to pick from as our next prime minister will be amongst them…could be some good material there, as we watch dumb and dumber lie to us for the next five weeks.

The upgrade just allows me to do things with the site like customizing, adding pages, I can have a section for the different sides of our life, travel, solar, work camping, and the like. It allows for more photos, more posts, and maybe a video or two. I will be working at a number of changes over the next few months, as we are closing in on our two year anniversary of being full time RVers. It really doesn’t seem like it has been two years, but it has and we are starting to plan the third year as we close out the second, we have learnt so much, we have met so many people, we have increased our RV family so much that any idea of it coming to an end would just be sad.

As we prepare for the winter season, I want to add a number of blogs to explain, what our expenses are, and how we have dealt with logistics, being away from family and friends, as well as some of our longer term planning. The great part of this life is that it changes, it is very fluid, so we have that ability to change in a heartbeat and head in a different direction. An example of that was our decision to take on a work camping job this year and how it has changed our lives and our planning, it was not something that we had even considered a year ago, but has been a learning experience. So stay tuned as we venture into the future (that sounded a little more dramatic that I was thinking) as year two comes to an end.

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