Day 754 – Moving Day

Well that was a cold night, we are well past the little frost on the pumpkin, this left the ground white with frost, it was a bit of a late night for us so to say we are a little behind would be kind. But Thunder is packed and warming up as we do the final preparations before heading to Beamsville for a weekend with Bob and Irena, for what I suspect will be our last week before crossing into the United States. In fact the only hold up may be getting our new glasses, or at least my glasses, Miss Laurie is looking to get some contacts lenses this time through, so it will most likely be my prescription that holds us up, as they keep getting more complex as we (I) age, with the whole bifocal thing going on.

It may sound a little strange, but I think we will miss Richard and Bonnie, as we head south, we have worked with (for) them for the best part of six months. And as we part ways for the winter we will be curious as to what they are up to with the new grand baby on the way, the India adventure, and the Dominican. But I’m pretty sure we will stay in touch over the winter. After spending a few days at Maple Grove it comes to light what a massive undertaking this project is and why Bonnie and Richard just want to escape on their return to Lake Huron for a rest and a getaway, Miss Laurie has said a number of times this week that she can not look at what is here now and see the vision of the future plan just yet.

But as we aim Thunder for the Niagara Region we are looking forward to seeing our friends, maybe not so much my Doctors but again that just seems to come with the whole aging thing, and to jam them all into four days, Oh Yeh. But we have the weekend to look forward to before moving to St, Catharines. Well we pulled into Beamsville just before 1 o’clock today and are tucked away in their drive way, they have given us a 15 amp line that will keep us charged and Should be good for power.


Today was just a short run from Maple Grove only 44 miles (70 kms) down the QEW to Beamsville, with the only traffic being after the 403/QEW merge because it is a Saturday the traffic is heavy with all the Toronto traffic going to the Niagara Region for the Falls and winery’s in the area, the last count I heard was near 100 wineries. But still not real bad, the stupid people in the cars think that if I’m leaving a hundred yards of space they should try to jam five or six cars in my safety zone, how dare I plan for their inability to drive! I do not miss driving into Toronto on a regular basis any more, it is as bad or worse than most big American cities.

Today was great to catch up, for dinner we chowed down on Alex’s home made burgers, had some cake that Miss Laurie picked up at Costco and watched my Toronto Maple Leafs get beat up by Bob’s Montreal Canadians, the real kick in the butt we watched it on my old 70” 4K big screen from my sticks and bricks that Mr Bob now owns but makes sure to let me know that is has a really good picture, every time…Ya because that’s what friends do…

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