Independence 🇺🇸 Day 2020

Saturday July 4th 2020

To our American family and friends, be sure that your neighbours to the north are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.

Over the years of sharing the longest international border in the world our countries have agreed to disagree on a number of items some as serious as the war of 1812 when y’all tried to invade Canada when we were still a British colony, right up till the newly imposed trade wars of just last year. Yes there have been some difficult times between our countries but we have always been able to work our way through the tough times.

In fact crossing the border between our countries has always been easy, more just a formality, in fact a few decades a go we would cross the ditch (the Niagara River) for last call at the American bars and some Buffalo chicken wings on a Friday night. Oh things have changed and in many cases not for the better, terrorists have changed all our lives for ever with cowardly acts like 911. But the tough times have always made our countries stronger and our relationship as well, it’s often joked about that if the United States sneezes Canada catches a cold. So any economic difficulties effects us all because at least until recently our countries have been attached at the hip thriving together and being stronger for it.

So to see the borders closed except for essential travel is disheartening, and as we look across the border and see our friends having their butt kicked by an enemy that no one can one can even see, leaves many of us heartbroken. So on this American Independence Day your Canadian friends are hoping you can stay strong and safe, so we can enjoy more great times together soon.

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