Hello Down There!

Tuesday July 6th 2021

We are hoping for the Canadian / United States border will open soon to allow us to travel south in the fall. So I thought I would have a quick look and see how Canada was doing with vaccinations compared to our friends to the south and what I found was somewhat shocking.

It didn’t take long to realize that Americans are failing at protecting themselves from this virus, and there are some states that are total failures with under 40% of their population even having one dose of the vaccine. And this is a country that likes to consider itself a leader in the world, there are some states that have stepped up by as I look at the charts above I’m not nearly as confident the the border will open in July.

Just like last year when we seen a rise in late summer with the second wave, and as I suspect with the new variant a fourth wave will hit this fall and it is obvious that many states are going to be hit very hard again.

So if there is some relaxing of the border, I suspect that some restrictions will be in place, such as proof of vaccination to enter either country without a quarantine.

And as we are looking on traveling south, the vaccination rates in different states will have an influence on our stops and attraction stays. While we do like to boondock away from crowds we were starting to consider some attractions, and ability of the area to protect us by protecting themselves will effect our decision, an example is Mississippi (MS) at 36% vaccination will be a drive through at best and Louisiana where we had hopped to spend some time at Avery Island and New Orleans at 38% will most likely be stroked off the list, in fact Georgia and Alabama are near the bottom of the vaccination list as well.

It seen the the north eastern states are leaders, while south east states are failing, and northern mid west are leading the mid south, but I was pleased to see that California and Arizona were better than many states, which is where we will spend the bulk of our winter.

In the last couple of weeks we have seen Australia go back into a lock down because of their vaccine failure, which should be a wake up call for some countries that coronavirus is not done or over, and as it surges on more and more variants will start re-emerging in those unprotected. And while I don’t want to see more deaths from the virus it seen inevitable that many more will die who were too smart to protect themselves. I do feel sorry for the countries that can’t get protection because of a lack availability of vaccines, while I listen to some idiot tell me that I’m a sheep and don’t understand the bigger picture, my being alive to figure it out seems like a good start to me … jus’saying.

With Canada being at 69% of the total population vaccinated compared to 55.6% of the American population having at least one dose, I’m feeing pretty good about our progress. With our province of Ontario having reached 67.87% of the total population as of today we ever so close to the 70% herd immunity that was suggested as a goal to aim at. Oh we are still having some issues here as well because we are still playing catch up with second doses but that number is climbing daily and our population is still standing in line to get the shot, so I suspect our fully vaccinated number to be well over 50% level by the end of July.

So I guess that I’m just disappointed to see that the nation to our south has fallen so far behind other countries, when they were hoarding vaccines when Canada was struggling to purchase them worldwide. And while lots of Canadians have been complaining that our vaccine plan being slow it seem that slow and steady has been a winner when put to the test.

So to our American friends try to catch up, to keep us all safe, when your southern states get on the program we will be back to support them, until then we will spend our snowbird dollars in the safer states. If you can get to a level that makes it safe to reopen the land borders.

In closing I wanted to say that “it’s time to get your head out of your butt and get vaccinated”, but Miss Laurie thought that was too harsh so I’m going with “open you mind and get vaccinated now”.

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