A Working Winter?

Saturday July 17th 2021

So today we just secured a volunteer position for this winter, we normally just take the winter off, to kick back and enjoy the winter warmth of the southern states. But Miss Laurie is always looking for a winter positions that can offer us an unique experience, as Canadians we can not take a paying position, but we can take a volunteer position and that is what we have secured for this winter.

So we have submitted resumes to a couple of positions, one was a camp hosting position at a campground near Apache Junction, which would have us committing to twenty hours a week, keeping campsites clean, helping campers to their sites, and ensuring their comfort. And normally the re numeration is a free campsite and use of campground facilities, which is a pretty good shake because the sites are normally valued at 800 to 1000 dollars per month, these positions usually are for three or four couples that volunteer as well as regular paid park staff on site. These are positions that are sought after because of all the benefits that they include, we received a thanks for applying but the positions were filled within hours.

The other opportunity was a little different it was volunteering at a park, either working in the store, or selling passes, or helping with projects through out the park. And we had a phone interview with the assistant director of the park to discuss the position on Tuesday afternoon.

Now anyone that knows Miss Laurie, knows that she has a love for animals and plants, so this volunteer position is at an Arboretum, making this position Miss Laurie’s dream opportunity, almost 400 acres in the Sonoran desert full of plants from around the world. So this phone interview was one of high importance to one of us, oh don’t get me wrong, I think it will be a neat position, and there is again only twenty hours per week and that leaves us lots of time explore the area. The park opens at 8 am and closes at five o’clock, so the evenings will be quiet , unlike weekend nights in the desert with the weekend warriors.

So what do we get in return for our volunteer time? We get a 50 amp full hookup site, with free laundry on site all located on the edge of the arboretum. The elevation of the park is 2400 feet (740 metre) so there will be some cool days and nights, but that’s where the full hookups come into their usefulness, unlike a campground there are not any amenities to enjoy, but we are a short drive to kayaking, hiking, and wildlife to explore and photograph. We do get to wander and enjoy the grounds after work and we just learnt that there have been over 250 species of birds sited within the park so there should be lots of photos this winter.

We spent fourteen days in this area in March of 2020, and had actual spent a day exploring the park, and loved the area, so this will give us a winter of casual exploration. We will be less than an hour from the big box stores and only five minutes from the closest town for supplies.

So yes we got the position, Miss Laurie’s is over the moon, about this opportunity. And as of today we are just 95 days till we leave LHR (Lake Huron Resort) which has been our summer home for the last three summers, we have allowed ourselves twenty days to make our way west to Arizona, which will allow time for visiting friends, and at a nice slow paced wander through the mid west states. And now as we start planning our Arizona winter at the Boyce Thompson Arboretum, with I’m sure many adventures into the Tonto national forest.

An Arboretum is an botanical garden that focuses on trees and other woody plants. Although Colonel William Boyce Thompson’s original intent was to plant trees (hence the name, Arboretum), he soon realized that all types of plants from deserts around the world should be included, studied, conserved and made available to the public. 
Boyce Thompson Southwestern Arboretum was founded April 1, 1924, incorporated as Arizona’s first non-profit research institution October 5, 1927, and officially dedicated and opened to the public April 6 1929. 

We have to pass a background check, but I don’t see that being an issue, here are a few photos from our last visit there in March 2020, enjoy and get ready for a winter of great photos … jus’saying.

As always stay strong & safe, and get your vaccination shots!

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2 replies

  1. Congratulations Brian & Laurie! It will indeed be an exciting time for you both.
    We sure will miss you here in LHR.


  2. Congratulations Laurie and Brian. We shall live vicariously thru your words and pictures. You are 2 wonderful people and I am thankful we got to spend some time with you at LHR. Any company is blessed and fortunate to have you. xxoo Lorna


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