Closing day 2021

Monday October 11th 2021

Finally at 7 pm the park gates are closed and locked to end the 2021 season, oh yah everyone knew that 5 pm was closing time, but as usual the rules don’t seem apply to some of the “special people”.

We were treated to the LHR (Lake Huron Resort) exit parade, which is made up of a few vehicles making a lap around the park with car horns beeping as they depart. This practice seems to have become a departure ritual as of recently and the action is normally only enjoyed by them and us.

Oh closing day (weekend) is always a day of great sadness, people leaving their “happy place” until next May. There are friends and neighbours that won’t see each other for six months and then there are a few that may never see each other again just because of circumstances.

In our case it has been exceptional difficult period of time, with what could be considered a little touch of joy thrown in.

To explain quickly, most of the people fall into one of four categories, group one are the people that have became our friends and would not leave without saying goodbye, group two are those that will go out of their way to speak if we are around, group three are people that while might not go out of their way to engage in a conversation with us still do so if we are in the area, and the last group are the people that will go out of their way to avoid speaking to us for what ever reason. That last group are the ones that cause us to smile and feel that little bit of happiness as we watch their tail lights disappear down the road, as they were that 20% that consumed 80% of our attention and caused all the heartache.

There have been lots of hugs and tears so far this month, as we have said goodbyes to so many friends, and many people have stopped by to wish us luck with our adventures, and while some still can’t seem to fully understand why we do what we do, we ventured into this life style to explore and travel and making friends and leaving them has become part of this life as difficult as it seems at times.

As we have learned is to try to avoid goodbyes, we like to use the phrase “we’ll see you down the road”. And we will alter most travel plans for the chance to meet up with people, a detour of a couple of hundred miles has become quite acceptable in our book which would make a normal travel day in our world.

In eight days our commitment will be complete here at the park, and where we move on to is still an unknown as we are still waiting for an America border decision. But I can tell you we didn’t miss Bill leaving at 4 am this morning nor did we miss all the regular late night visitors, or the bikers that couldn’t afford an exhaust system. The water is off to the south side of the park and winterizing has begun with earnest.

Be Strong, Stay Safe, and we will see you down the road!

16 thoughts on “Closing day 2021

  1. Wishing you two all the best in your travels and again many thanks for all your help this season, missing you already. 🙂
    See you down the road
    Hugs Lynn C


  2. May your travels be a wonderful and as beautiful as you two are. You will be missed and yes Laurie I have tears in my eyes…:) xxoo


  3. Thank you both for all your hard work, commitment, honesty and friendship over the past 3 years.
    You are still stuck with me my friends…now and down the road…like it or not xoxox


  4. You both made the park a better place and you will be greatly missed. Safe travels my friends.
    p.s. Ordering these (the 3 pack) for my kids for xmas.


  5. Brian & Laurie 💞 You will be very much missed . Thank you for always going above & beyond ..

    Stay Healthy & Safe Travels …. Maggie will be looking for Sam on your site next May 🙃😉

    Millie, Dan, Maggie & of course Snoop kitty


  6. Miss your waves and smiles. You two are wonderful people and we enjoyed your friendship and help in the past. Looks like you are going to be able to DRIVE to Arizona. Safe travels and we will see you down the road.

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  7. Laurie and Brian,

    It has been a pleasure to be your neighbours for the last few years. We are sad to lose you as park managers but we are happy you are able to get on the road again because we know this is what you love to do. We will follow your travels via the blog. Enjoy!

    Best Regards
    Linda and Tim

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