November’s Windshield View

November 30th, 2021

November and we are finally on the move! It seems like it has been forever since we were rolling down the road, but it has happened, oh we moved in October, on the 31st we made it all the way to the dump station to empty our black tank and back to our site on #217 at LHR (Lake Huron Resort). But this is for real moving on Sunday the 7th we left our home LHR and headed south down highway 21 to the Walmart in Sarnia to get us close to the Bluewater bridge for the border opening on November the 8th, it wasn’t that we wanted to be first over the border or anything silly like that, no we just wanted to cross at first light on Monday to get us to our first stop in Pemberville, and a long awaited visit with Butch & BJ.

So originally my thought was to have this month “windshield view” be a photo of the Bluewater Bridge at Sarnia / Port Huron on the first day of the border opening November 8th, 2021. But the more I thought about it, that just seemed like it was an image from a dark time in our adventures, so I decided to take the actual windshield view of the sunsetting on the mountains from our new work camping site in Superior Arizona power cable and all.

November 2017: Was our first snowbird winter and we woke up on the first of November in a rest area on I-90 in northern Ohio to freezing temperatures and some blowing snow, so we quickly readied for travel and headed south. We were heading toward Cincinnati and I-75 and some 330 miles later we pulled into a rest stop near Georgetown KY on I-75, after what seemed like a very long day of driving, it was right about then we decided not to move on such bad weather days, as there had been a strong wind out of the west with blowing snow that we had driven in through most of Ohio.

We had made no reservations for a full month, our first booked campsite was in December in Arizona, all we knew was that we needed and wanted warm weather, so the trek south continued and another 280 miles later we were able to find a mooch-docking spot at a Cabela’s store near Ringold Georgia and for the first time we were starting to feel the warmth of the southern states, we had decided to head south to the Florida panhandle to get Miss Laurie some beach time. But about 250 miles down the road on the way we got a little sidetracked in Alabama and spent a weekend in the small town of Eufaula, at a little campground and it was around here that we were trying to slow down the pace from our past life, we enjoyed the small-town feel, and took time just to enjoy the warmth of the day and start to understand the joy of no real schedule or agenda. From here we also discovered the peanut festival in Dothan Alabama, and we made use of one of our memberships that allowed us boondocking at a golf course in Dothan, where we took in the peanut festival and a round of golf the next day before heading to Florida.

We have always held Panama City Beach in a special part of our heart, it was a spot we had visited many times over the years, for shelling and golfing, it was our winter getaway spot and while definitely not hot during the winter months it was still a lot warmer than a February in Ontario. So Miss Laurie found us a mid week spot to camp in Panama City Beach, where we just enjoyed the warm November sun with some beach days, with our feet in the gulf and sitting on the beach. After a few of beach days we packed up, and headed west on I-10, covering another 250 miles before stopping for the night at a truck stop in Biloxi Mississippi, we had been struggling to keep connected, it was about at this point in our travels that we were starting to experience the difficulty of getting decent internet, so we purchased an internet upgrade package from the Pilot truck stops that gave us reasonable good internet when at their truck stops and because I still was trying to operate a buisness in Ontario from the road so we spent a lot of hours either at night or during the day connected to their internet, so as you see us move from truck stop to truck stop it was done mainly to stay connected.

From a truck stop in Biloxi Mississippi, we moved to a Walmart in Layette Louisiana only 110 miles down I-10, but we were going to Avery Island and a tour of the Tabasco factory, and this seemed like a great spot to unhook the toad for the road trip. And there again for some decent internet, did you know some Walmart’s have amazing internet in their parking lots and early in the morning I could get a lot of work done. Our next stop was in the little Texas town of Winnie and a free campsite at the Winnie Stowell Park, this is a real thing in Texas a number of towns offer a few free campsites, some with water and 30-amp power some with just water or just electric and they are available just on a first come first serve bases, this one was located on the town’s fair grounds. From here we were moving south along the Texas gulf shoreline and some 250 miles and a free ferry ride later, we found ourselves on Galveston Island and checked into the Galveston Island State Park where we stayed a couple of nights while we explored a little of the Island. Before again headed west were we stopped to overnight at a Walmart in Converse Texas, we are now mid-November and there are a couple of issues that are becoming obvious, we had planned to just sleep in Walmart parking lots at nights as they are so much quieter than the truck stops but now we were finding so many of the Walmart parking lots were being filled up with containers in preparation for the Black Friday Sale events, and the stores were also so busy with customers during the afternoons that it was becoming quite difficult to find a spot, so because we had purchased a Texas State park pass on Galveston Island we tried to locate other State parks to stay in rather than battling the Walmart crowds, but quickly learnt that because the State park campsites were such a good deal they were also very hard to get into, but often Laurie would be able to find a private parks near the State parks that offered very competitive rates so from the Walmart in Converse Texas we moved to Parkview RV park in Utopia Texas and got a river front site overlooking Garner State park and the river that separated the two parks.

Now remembering we were from the eastern side of the continent, were the media always made a great deal about the craziness of the Thanksgiving traffic and how busy the roads would be because of all the holiday travel. So, we thought it might be a good idea to book a campground for the Thanksgiving weekend so we could get off the roads and keep out of all the holiday traffic. So, Laurie booked us into a campground in Las Cruses New Mexico for Wednesday night, now normally we just find something the day of, so we know it’s in our area, but because of all this supposed holiday traffic we were trying to be proactive. So Monday morning we made our way from our site at Parkview back north to I-10 and head west again and just as we were starting into some Texas hills I see a huge cloud of blue smoke in my side mirror, now picture this Miss Laurie had got up from her seat to use the washroom while we are moving, and as she exits the washroom the whole back of the coach is full of smoke and I’m by now coasting to a stop on the shoulder of I-10. Now it’s early afternoon and we had hoped to get at least another hour or two down the road, but that plan looked to be going out the window. So after a quick look at the situation, it was obvious to me that we had blown a hydraulic oil line, but because there was oil everywhere I could not determine where or which line was leaking. Now we are on the west bound side of I-10 in “no where” Texas about halfway between Houston and Fort Stockton, and we are calling our roadside assistance service which is based out of somewhere in Quebec way up in Canada, so it was difficult, to say the least but as the afternoon dragged on we knew there was a tow truck on the way to tow us to a repair shop in a small near by village called Senora Texas.

Now by this point Laurie is convinced that tow trucks only come after dark because the flashing lights are so much prettier at night, but either way they did rescue us from the side of the road and dragged the coach on to a small residential street in the middle of this village about twenty miles down the road. This is where the tow truck driver explained to me that he could not get us any closer to the repair shop as the streets were too small and tight so he just dropped our coach there on this residential street totally disabled because the tow truck driver also had insisted on removing the coach driveshaft. Now I had tried to talk him out of removing it, as we had decided to idle the coach motor with the transmission in neutral to keep the air brakes off so there was actually no need to remove the driveshaft, to quickly explain if a vehicle is towed with the drive wheels on the ground it spins the driveshaft which in turn spins the transmission output shaft which is located in the top of the transmission and is only lubricated when the input shaft is spinning, and in this case it was going to be spinning when the motor is running. And because we were going to run the motor to keep the air compressor running to keep the air brakes off, the transmission would also be spinning lubricating the output shaft, which was the only reason to remove the driveshaft so as to avoid damage to the transmission, but he had been given strict orders from his boss and insisted on its removal. So after the coach is dropped from the tow truck it’s now about ten o’clock at night and Laurie is convinced that the police will be around soon to tell us to move, which we can’t do anyway, so it was not a real restful night by any means, but we survived and morning brought another memorable day, our roadside assistance had called this repair shop and they had said that they had the ability make the required repairs but apparently the roadside service had not confirmed that we were being towed there. So I was up early and had walked to the repair shop just a short block away and noticed the hours on the door said the shop opened at 8am, so I walked back to the coach and waited till 8, and walked to the shop but they were not open, at 8:30 still not open, finally at 9 o’clock someone showed up, an older fellow probably my age and he explained that this had been his buisness for thirty years but he had recently had some health issues and his son was taking over, he also said his son was not known to be an early riser but should be along shortly.

In the meantime, I explained the situation and what I suspected the problem to be, and he suggested that we go to the coach and reinstall the drive shaft so we could drive it into the repair area, so I used the coach’s leveling jacks to raise the back of the coach and we crawled under and reinstalled the driveshaft, then started the coach and idled it to the shop. By now his son had made it to work and said that yes, he had spoken to the roadside people, but they had not confirmed it was going to be towed in, but he was sure that they could find the leak and fix it. Now they do things a little different in southern Texas than they do in Ontario, so the work area was like a concrete slab beside the actual repair shop and rather than try to catch and control the oil spilling they just let it run onto the cement than washed it onto the ground, not really the environmentally correct method, at least where I was from. But if it was getting us back on the road, I was thinking I could overlook some environmental issues, and he had quickly found the leaking hose. Our coach is a diesel pusher and the manufacturers use one of two different systems for cooling they either have the radiator at the very back of the coach and use a drive belt from the diesel motor to drive a cooling fan, or they use a side mounted radiator style system which has the benefit of allowing easy access to the motor for service and repairs but now it needs to have a cooling fan that is either operated by an electric motor or a hydraulic motor and ours uses this hydraulic motor style and with ours the fan only operates when necessary and is controlled by a thermistor that is located in the top of the radiator and it was this small hydraulic hose that ran from the thermistor that was leaking but only when the heat from the radiator demanded the cooling fan to operate. He quickly removed it and took it to a local shop to be duplicated and had it back in place within a couple of hours, refilled the hydraulic oil reservoir and we went for a road test, but it still leaked and had to be removed again, apparently the hose repair shop had installed a wrong style fitting and it would not seal properly, so after a couple of trips back and forth they finally got the problem resolved, another few gallons of hydraulic oil later, and we were on road test number two.

Having spent forty years in the automotive service buisness, and knowing how difficult it can be to get repair parts and service done in a timely manner I was pretty happy to be back on the road that afternoon, and not unexpectantly we were paying a premium for that privilege and ability, although there were numerous Visa and Mastercard signs around, our repair was a cash only repair, which I was more than OK with to be back on the road just a little more that 24 hours later. So, we jumped back on I-10 west bound, remember we normally do not drive at night, but I had some miles and a day of travel, to make up so we drove late into the evening to get to Fort Stockton and another Walmart parking lot. The coach was running fine but the next day we were going to have to find a truck wash for a clean-up, when the hydraulic hose let go it had covered the toad in hydraulic oil as well as the back of the coach and the dolly was also soaked so near El Paso Texas, we found a Blue Beacon truck wash and got ourselves cleaned up and looking respectable for our Thanksgiving stay in Las Cruses New Mexico.

Let me just put it out there, there was hardly any difference in the traffic flow over this Thanksgiving weekend than any other time, so the whole get off the road thing is either bull shyt of just a east coast thing. But we made the most of our stay in Las Cruses and explored a number of sites both in Las Cruses and even ventured up to Pistachio land and the White sands National Monument. And after our breakdown it was nice to have a few days to regroup before moving on.

As we head out west bound on I-10 in our last push to Arizona the stark bleakness of the desert is starting to be fully realized, we were starting to see real mountains as I-10 starts to weave its way through the mountain ranges to get to the Tucson area, here we had planned to boondock on some BLM land before moving on to our December home just a few hours away, but because of some road work in the area it was looking almost impossible to get the coach into the area, so a second choice was a county park with power and water nearby so it was the Gilbert Ray county park at $21 a night for the win, a great find and a good place to explore Tucson area from, and also our first view of the mighty saguaro cactus in their natural habitat.

November 2018: At Fifty-point conservation area in Winona Ontario, we were doing our last visits before leaving the Niagara region and we were next heading to the Woodstock area to catch up with family and friends, so we were mooch-docking at my cousin’s farm which had been my original farm home as a kid. We were stretching into November before crossing to allow us to stay in the States later in the spring, as my theory was it would be easier to gradually move to the cold in the fall than drive from the warmth of the south to a cold Ontario spring in just a few days, as turned out this was all for not because we ended up coming back to Ontario mid-April instead of May anyway. We had planned to take in a Remembrance Day service in Woodstock on the 11th and cross at Sarnia/Port Huron on the twelfth, but winter weather changed that plan and we crossed on the eleventh and were quickly pushed south by cold and snow.

Our first night was a rest area near Bowling Green Ohio, before pushing south on I-75 to a Walmart parking lot in Berea Kentucky and then further south on I-75 to catch I-40 east bound and into a rest stop near Knoxville Tennessee for the night. This was a push south to avoid an oncoming winter storm, and while we avoided the snow, we did get to experience the cold, from here our plan was to spend some time in the Carolina’s and as luck would have it we were able to arrange a meet-up with Ben & Rebecca a couple from Alaska that we had been following on YouTube and we were set up to meet them at a Cracker Barrel in Spartanburg North Carolina. From there we headed to Charleston South Carolina when we checked into Lake Aire RV Park which we would use as a base for our exploration of the Charleston area we did a plantation tour, a city tour, managed a trip to the angel oak as well as an afternoon on the beach during our stay. By now we were out of the cold and were slowing down our pace our next stop was just at the welcome centre on I-95 in Georgia where we did a day trip into Savana Georgia before moving to a rest stop on I-95 near St. Augustine where we took in the night lights as they were decorated for Christmas already.

Now we were going to finish out the month boondocking in Florida, now this was not a totally free process, unlike the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) land in Arizona where you had to move every 14 days here there was a $25 fee for the hunting season. We were actually staying on WMA (Wildlife Management Area) land which was owned by the State of Florida and was used by hunters to camp and access the forested area to hunt, there were also check stations for the hunters to have the deer weighed and checked. This particular WMA was open from October through to sometime in March when the hunting season ended, and in true boondocking style it had no amenities except vault toilets, but by using the vault toilets during the day we were able to go nineteen days without having to dump our black tank, we were able to weep grey water and some other boondockers brought us some potable water to refill our freshwater about fourteen days in.

There were a number of boondockers at this location and we had a number of get togethers over our time there, from potluck dinners to a fish fry, a karaoke night, and an excursion into Orlando for a pizza dinner and even an evening at Disney Springs. We took a number of day trips to some of the hiking trails, and a day on the Atlantic beach, our solar system was keeping our batteries charged most days, but they were still struggling to supply enough power for the whole night, and there were a few days that we had to run the generator to enjoy some air conditioning, and we also needed the boiler for a couple of cool nights. But we remained tucked into the WMA spot well into December.

November 2019: This was a travel month for us to visit with friends, so the 1st had us leaving Niagara Falls New York heading west on Interstate 90, the first day had a destination, we were heading to the Ward household for a visit. We had met Butch and Betty when we wintered in Florida, and they quickly became part of our RV family, we have met their family over the winter and more than enjoyed our time with them, they have a large property and had invited us to mooch-dock in their driveway for a couple of days. It was great to catch up and tour the area, and their hometown is the perfect representation of smalltown USA where everyone knows your name, and we finished our last evening with a tomahawk steak grilled to perfection.

After leaving Pemberville Ohio we headed south on I-75, with the plan of touring a few distilleries in Kentucky, and while touring a distillery in Lexington I discovered a beer that was infused with vanilla and aged in bourbon barrels, that was very nice. But after a day in the Lexington area, we discovered that there was a winter storm suddenly in the forecast and it was going to be affecting our route west so we made the decision to head south into Tennessee, catch I-40 and head west and if all went well, we should be able to get to Arizona ahead of the winter storm.

But thing’s don’t always happen as planned so we spent an evening in a Walmart lot in Arkansas, and the next day we developed a fuel issue, in fact the very fuel issue that we just finally resolved this year, a full two years after first being realized. So, as we limped into Oklahoma, we changed plans to allow a couple days near Oklahoma City to obtain and change a new fuel and air filter. The filters were not technically due to be changed but I was figuring that it must have been some contaminated fuel that that was purchased in Arkansas causing this issue, and the changing of the fuel filter appeared to be resolve the issue as we got back on the road.

We left the Oklahoma City area still driving west on I-40, and this is where we start climbing in elevation so out first day, we made it to a rest area in Amarillo Texas, to a reasonable quiet night but woke to some chilly temperatures. So, we decided to try and locate a spot with some hookups for our next evening, we were pushing west and expected to move past Albuquerque, Miss Laurie found us a site at a casino for only $10 with full 50-amp hookups, not a destination site by anyone’s imagination, but a spot to get through a below freezing night. Between the storm and the elevation, it was nice to wake-up to a warmer coach, dump our tanks, refill our fresh water, and do a load of laundry.

Today was November the eleventh and we had adventures planned for the next few days, our unexpected stay near Oklahoma City had set us a couple of days off schedule but not enough to stop us exploring along I-40 in Arizona. So, as we headed further west our first adventure was a National Park at the Petrified Forest and the Painted Desert, and a stop that we could have spent twice as much time at, it was a stop that was educational as well as beautiful, and the painted desert area changed colours as the sun moved accross the sky. We settled into a Flying-J truck stop after refueling for the evening, we were a mountian range past the cold weather and had a resonably comfortable night, we started the next day with a visit to a street corner in Winslow Arizona where Miss Laurie and I stood on a corner with a flatbed Ford. Obviosly a tourist attraction made famous by the Eagles song, but tastefully done and a thrill for an Eagles fan like Miss Laurie.

After Winslow we moved closer to Flagstaff Arizona, now Flagstaff is not known to be a RV friendly town, so we found a casino just east of Flagstaff that offered boon-docking in a parking lot, which while not uncommon this casino had lots designated to different groups, a truck only lot, an RV only lot, and then regular casino lots, and being separated from the trucks made for a much quieter evening than parked beside a refrigerated semi all night, so we used this as a base to explore from, taking in Sedona, and the Grand Canyon, and a quick drive through Flagstaff just because it was on one of our routes, making sure not to support any businesses’ as is our little way of punishing areas that are not RV friendly, if you don’t want RVer’s you surely don’t want their money.

We have settled into one of our favorite BLM locations at Craggy wash near Lake Havasu for a few days enjoying some Arizona desert, this is a very popular spot being close to the Lake Havasu stores and shopping, water sports, and of course the London Bridge that was moved from England and reassembled in Lake Havasu, making for a popular tourist destination.

The last week of November was a reunion of friends, unannounced to me Miss Laurie had planned a week with Ray & Karen as well as Bob & Shari, at a resort in the Pheonix area, some pickle ball, a round of golf, and lots of good food with great company. We all had spots booked for the month of December, but all were going to be hundreds of miles apart for the winter, with Laurie and I being the only ones travelling over the winter months. As we had scheduled many different adventures over the winter, but I needed some time to install our newly purchased coach batteries.

November 2020: Was the start of what I am loving referring to as the “WINTER FROM HELL”, and while everyone told me that it was a mild open winter for Goderich, it was a not for someone who is used to wintering in southern Arizona. This was a month of many new adventures, the learning of how to winterize the coach, and after having done it, I still think it is just easier to go south. We changed sites moving from site 89 to site 216 where we set up a small patio for our return in the spring, we also had to pack everything to move to the house in Goderich for our first winter in Canada for a number of years, Covid was rampant in the metro areas and lockdowns had become the normal way of life.

We took possession of the rental house on the 15th of November, which was in reality too late, we should have bit the bullet and had it from the first but my Scottish side was trying to save a month’s rent, but after a couple weeks of cold weather in the coach I was becoming less frugal, but we made it and the coach got winterized on the 16th of November so no harm no foul. I did leave the solar system turned on to keep the batteries charged throughout the winter and it worked out well.

November 2021: It’s the 1st and we are on site 217 at LHR (Lake Huron Resort) the coach is pulled ahead in the lot and loading is is progress, the slide is in and most likely will remain in until Arizona, mounting of the bike rake and and lots of little tweaks getting ready to roll down the road. Had to replace a couple of taillight bulbs on the coach, not sure why two LED bulbs would fail at once put they did so a couple of bulbs later everything but one upper rear marker lamp that appears to have been siliconed into place, more a warm weather job when lots of patience and very little rain, so maybe an Arizona task. The leaks on the freshwater tank seem to have been corrected so the task of packing the basement will continue now with earnest as the countdown is now 6 days. Since all the people have gone home the wildlife has come back to the park, there is a steady flow of birds to pour feeder which provides hours of entertainment for Mr. Sam.

The 2nd was a day of many changes, it rained, the wind blew, the sun shone, the lake was very angry, but it was a day that we finished off a number of little park projects that we had been putting off for too long. We marked all the trees for removal around the park that will not happen until the ground freezes, we installed the no trespassing signs at the entrance and on the beach path, the removal of the last of the potted plants and the cleaning up of loose ends. And then there was the clean up of a pig sty left by a departing camper, it always amazes me the extent of effort some people will go to just to hide their garbage, rather than just emptying a full garbage can try to hide it under something. In this case there were recycling bins full of spoiled food, clothing and personal effects left everywhere, a full garbage can just left, all after the lot was “left clean” except for the truck load we took to the dumpster today.

On the 3rd we awoke to snow here at LHR, we knew it was most likely going to happen, but nothing says we have to like it, nope not even a little bit. But here it is anyway, and if that damn border had of opened on the first of November like most of us thought it should, we would have been far enough south to have missed it, but it didn’t so we didn’t. Anyway this will give most of our family and friends a little chuckle at our expense. We had our last dinner with Richard and Bonnie, Miss Bonnie made french onion soup from scratch, and Miss Laurie made beef stroganoff, some craft beer, a little wine, a few aperitifs, and a tear or two, they leave for Maple Grove early tomorrow and off to a family event so we will not see them again before we leave.

Oh the 4th was even colder when I rolled out of bed, with morning temperatures below the freezing mark and with the wind chill even colder, and there has been lots of wind. So a look out the window was had me thinking ground hog day, especially knowing there is one more day of snow to go. We have been having an issue with the coach boiler, unlike most RV’s have a propane furnace, our coach has a diesel fired boiler that pumps heated water to different radiators thru out the coach. It will fire up initially when cold and operate till it reaches temperature, but as the demand for more hot water increased it would not re-fire until it cooled off for about half an hour, a problem I’ve been looking for an answer for for some time, well today it decided to leak fuel so today was the day to disassemble and find out where the leak is and take another effort to correct the original problem. The biggest problem was the wet snow that I was dealing with all day.

I have over the years learnt that there will always be something that needs to be repaired on the coach, and if I was not able to repair most things we would be in a repair shop way too much. So I usually just look up a manual for the component that needs the repair and start working my way through the area of the problem. In this case it was a fuel leak so a check indicated there were a number of components (fuel pump, accumulator, filter, regulator and nozzle) and they were all connected by neoprene fuel line. My first step was to remove panels to expose the components, then I decided to replace all the fuel lines, I also opened and cleaned the fuel filter. Next I re-fired the boiler and discovered a leak from the accumulator, now the sole purpose of the accumulator is to allow trapped air in the fuel system to be purged but it had always been hard to operate so I took this opportunity to extend and replace the bleeder valve.

This was turning into the day that has no end, after working in the wet snow, I was wet and cold, but wanted to take Miss Laurie to her Scentsy party at Anita and Joe’s in Kitchener, and the weather had been crappy all day so it just seemed like the right thing todo, and there were a number of people there from the park and it was so good to see them again that it was worth the late night drive, and we made it back to the coach just after mid-night.

The 5th is going to be a sunny day, we got home in the wee hours from Miss Laurie’s Scentsy party, so we are a little slow getting going this morning, today will be a very bust day, I need to repair the boiler, Miss Laurie has a hair appointment this morning and a date at the laundry mat this afternoon. It will be basement packing day, we also need to cook up our remaining meat products to cross the border, so preparing meals for our road trip west, we have a day of visiting planned for tomorrow so this is a very busy day. The temperature was below freezing this morning, and there is still lots of snow laying around but the temperature is going to climb today with lots of sunshine, and the temperatures will continue to rise until after our departure on Sunday.

Saturday the 6th of November, the day to tie up some loose ends, this will be a road trip day, we left early (at least early for us) to head to St. Catharines to see Gino, then stop by the storage to drop off and pick up a couple of items, back to Grimsby for lunch with, Bob & Shari, as well as Bob & Corine. Bob & Shari are heading to Myrtle Beach for the winter, so we will most likely not see them for over a year, Bob & Corine will winter in Quartzsite and we will try to hook up with them when the Quartzsite RV show is on in January. After lunch a visit to Costco for a few items only available in Canada (or at least the brand is only available in Canada), from there a visit with Steve, Laurie’s brother to say good bye and pick up the mail before heading out. Followed by the trip back to LHR and the final packing of the SportTrac and the coach for our departure.

Sunday the 7th, our departure day from LHR (Lake Huron Resort), this will include a final black and grey tank dump, then the adventure beyond the park gates in twenty months. And while looking forward to being on the move again, and there is of course a little anticipation of all the unknowns after sitting this long. Here is the link to our travel adventures southwest to Arizona:

As November is rolling to a close, we have started our winter position at BTA (Boyce Thompson Arboretum), we have also been able to catch-up with many of our American friends, all while we are enjoying the rugged beauty of Arizona as well as the warm sunny days of the southwest climate. We have just received our schedule for December, and by agreeing to longer shifts we now have four days off each week, which will allow for lots of exploring, for for the next while our blogs will post weekly with additional reviews as I feel appropriate for attractions or adventures that we experience.

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