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Laurie, Brian & Mister Sam our cat, have been living fulltime in our 40′ diesel pusher coach since October 2017. These blogs are our adventures and travels as we chase the perfect temperature, our journeys, our experiences, both good and bad. With the complexity of crossing international borders, exchanging monies, the constant converting from miles to kilometers, Celsius to Fahrenheit. So come join us as we roll down the road! 


  • Country Maple RV Resort – Work-Camping Review

    Country Maple RV Resort – Work-Camping Review

    This is a review of our personal experiences while during our seasonal employment with Country Maples RV Resort. This may or may not be what everyone else might experience, but does warrant consideration if considering a position.

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  • Week nineteen @ CMR

    Week nineteen @ CMR

    The last full week at Country Maples RV Resort in Chemainus British Columbia, packing is underway, plans are being made, and soon our vacation will begin!

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  • Week eighteen @ CMR

    Week eighteen @ CMR

    Well as September rolls by our departure date gets closer, and that brings on our next adventures.

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  • Week seventeen @ CMR

    Week seventeen @ CMR

    Ah September, a great time of the year, all the children are back in school, the noise level in the park drops off drastically and it’s time for more preparation for the Buchanan’s travels!

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  • Our Winter 2022 – 2023 Plans

    Our Winter 2022 – 2023 Plans

    Planning, planning, and more planning, this is a quick look at what our planning process looks like. It’s kind of pick a destination and then pick a route to get there, while planning enough time to smell the roses if you would.

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  • Week sixteen @ CMR

    Week sixteen @ CMR

    Along with the month of September comes the promise of new adventure, our time at CMR is coming to an end, but we are looking forward to an extra week of exploring Vancouver Island is after our departure.

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