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Laurie, Brian & Mr. Sam our cat, have been living fulltime in our 40′ diesel pusher coach since October 2017. These blogs are our adventures and travels as we chase the perfect temperature, our journeys, our experiences, both good and bad. With the complexity of crossing international borders, exchanging monies, the constant converting from miles to kilometers, Celsius to Fahrenheit. So come join us as we roll down the road! 


  • Week six @ CMR

    Week six @ CMR

    And on the sixth week there was sunshine, and the rain ceased, and we went exploring on the island.

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  • Tofino day trip

    Tofino day trip

    Day trip! It has been like forever since we have been on an actual excursion, and this one was worthy of some comment. A day of many firsts, as Miss Laurie gets to puddle in the Pacific Ocean!

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  • Week five @ CMR

    Week five @ CMR

    Five weeks in and I’m beginning to think that this ship has no real rudder, so we seem to move from one disaster to the next … stay tuned

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  • Week four @ CMR

    Week four @ CMR

    One month into our summer at Country Maples Resort and it’s still cool and wet, making it difficult to complete many projects both at work and around the site

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  • Week three @ CMR

    Week three @ CMR

    Week three and things are becoming clearer on some issues, and cloudier on others. I’m learning that things on the island are just accepted as what they are

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  • Let’s talk car service

    Let’s talk car service

    What makes a good vehicle service experience? Or what makes for a bad experience? Is the customer always right?

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