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Laurie, Brian & Mr. Sam our cat, have been living fulltime in our 40′ diesel pusher coach since October 2017. These blogs are our adventures and travels as we chase the perfect temperature, our journeys, our experiences, both good and bad. With the complexity of crossing international borders, exchanging monies, the constant converting from miles to kilometers, Celsius to Fahrenheit. So come join us as we roll down the road! 


  • General Delivery

    General Delivery

    Need to receive a package while on the road here is an idea, to make it happen.

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  • Week one @ CMR

    Week one @ CMR

    Well we are off to a crazy start, added to all the new systems and job expectations, we add a major wind event that adds hundreds of hours of cleanup and 20 hours of no power.

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  • British Columbia Bound – part II

    British Columbia Bound – part II

    After such an un-eventful week last week, all hell broke out to start this week. But we are on the island safe and sound ready for a new adventure.

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  • British Columbia Bound!

    British Columbia Bound!

    Well there are no photos of the spring bloom in this blog, no this is a tale of our trek from Arizona to Vancouver Island through territories that we have never seen before. See what we learnt and what we experienced along the way

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  • Week twenty four @ BTA

    Week twenty four @ BTA

    This week’s featured photo is of the prickly pear cactus that is in the garden by our patio, Miss Laurie says I have to quit taking so many photos of flowers and get back to our weekly life. So this blog has the good, the bad, and the ugly, of real full-time RV life.

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  • Aprils Windshield View 2022

    Aprils Windshield View 2022

    As I review Aprils Windshield View it is obvious that April is a very busy month with lots of travel, this April was a little different but the story continues …

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