A day at Red Rock Canyon

March 3rd 2020

The view from the visitor centre

So it is a beautiful sunny day in Nevada and we are venturing to Red Rock Canyon. Again after being in Las Vegas as many times as we have it is a little hard to believe we have never found our way here before, I know we were at Red Rock Casino a number of years ago but we just never made it to Red Rock Canyon.

Our trip photographer hard at work

Located just 15 miles (24 kilometres) north west of the Las Vegas strip through the suburb of Summerlin, we arrived at the visitor centre for Red Rock Canyon. There is a scenic loop through a section of the park that passes by a number of amazing rock formations. We went on a Tuesday expecting the park not to be as busy, (that was incorrect) it was very busy throughout the park, the scenic loop is 13 miles (21 kilometres) and is one way, and should be a beautiful drive but there seemed to be some sort of a rush as we were passed by numerous vehicles. If you take the time from your busy schedule, pay the entry fee to the park, why the hell would you rush around the loop as if you were late for work? But that seems to be pretty common at a number of attractions we have visited, maybe it’s just because we lots of time now to enjoy what nature has created, but I don’t remember ever rushing like so many do now…just saying

The formation of that red rock is compressed sandstone, and gets its colour from the iron content, causing the colour, we found the variations in colour amazing, especially when you realize that this was underwater at the time.

This National Conservation Area was established in 1967 and encompasses close to 200,000 acres, the large red rock formations were forced 3,000 feet (910 meters) into the air now called the Keystone Thrust. The highest point in the park is La Madre Mountain at 8,154 feet (2,485 meters).

This is a very busy National Park, it is a popular bicycle route around the scenic loop, over twenty hiking trails, rock climbing areas, there is a large visitor center, with a detailed information centre, to explain the formations, the wild life, the washes, and history of the area.

Notice the tip of the mirror … this is why Miss Laurie is the photographer … just saying

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