Plomosa Road BLM – Boondocking

Location: East of US-95 5 miles north of Quartzsite AZ

Fee: Free for 14 days

GPS: 33.7488 -114.2162

Plomosa Road BLM remains one of our favorite dispersed camping areas, because it straddles Plomosa Road some road noise is heard during the day, but the traffic dies down in the evenings so sleeping has never been an issue. So why Plomosa Road?

One of the foremost reasons is eze access to the area, so all sizes of rigs can enjoy dispersed camping here. Another reason is the desert surface. Often referred to as desert asphalt, the surface is made up of more stones, less dirt and sand which means jacks are more stable, less dust, and less sand and dirt tracking into the coach

This area is one that finds a lot of large gatherings and rallies during January, If you are an avid camper and traveler you are most likely that almost every make of RV manufacture has a Facebook page and inevitability most hold a rally in the Quartzsite area every January either just before or during the big tent RV show. Most are held on BLM land because of the 14 day free usage, all these groups must register with BLM for a group permit which basically means that they will have a team to ensure the area is left as good as or better than the group found it. This is one of the areas that see some of the larger groups and it’s totally because of access.

We like this area because its just far enough away from the kayos known as Quartzsite in January, here it can be much quieter, there is much less dust, the views are superior, and you are close enough to Parker which offers shopping, even having a Walmart, along with restaurants, bars, entertainment, and most supplies.

This dispersed camping area has multiple small washes running through the area, acting as a natural divide to different camping areas. The washes also provide needed water for desert foliage to grow also giving more separation, and of course the foliage also attracts creatures like ground squirrels and there always seems to be lots of humming birds. Which keeps both Mr. Sam and Miss Laurie occupied during the winter days.

This is a very picturesque area with great sunsets and enough plant life to offer wonderful contrasting photos, again the photos are thanks to Miss Laurie. And as you can see from the photos by the first of March there are not many people taking advantage of the space.

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