Roadrunner BLM – Boondocking

Location: West side of US-95 approximately 5 miles south of Quartzsite

Fee: FREE for 14days

GPS: 33.588724 -114.227515

This dispersed camping area has some good memories, but is not one of our preferred areas, we attended our first “Beaver Coach” rally here in January of 2020 and hope to attend the next one in 2022. This area has lots of large flat areas which works well for large groups such as rallies. But the surface has a lot of dirt which means it can be very dusty depending on wind direction.

The location is south of Quartzsite leaving any large supply runs either to Blyth CA or Yuma AZ, as during January shopping in Quartzsite can be challenging at best. Its not that the local business’s don’t try hard to supply, it just seems than anything that is perishable is impossible to stockpile and obviously difficult to get in the quantity needed from regular suppliers.

Again similar to La Posa there is a lot of ATV traffic in the area and is the chosen gathering place for hundreds of ham operators that meet every January, so is a very busy high traffic spot. The views can still be spectacular as the sun rises or sets over the mountain ranges, but with limited foliage there is also limited wildlife in the area.

Because of it closeness to the “show grounds” in Quartzsite, and because it is a fee free area as well as being an eze access area this is a popular and busy spot.

As I have stated we will return in January of 2022 to hopefully take in another Beaver Coach rally, it is not an area that we will stay unless there is a good cause. There are just too many nicer spots to choose from.

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