Oasis Las Vegas RV Resort – Review

Name: Oasis Las Vegas RV Resort

Address: 2711 W. Windmill Lane, Las Vegas, NV 89123

Phone: 1-800-566-4707

Rate: $54.95 – $95.95 US per night

GPS: 36.02552 – 115.10700

Oasis RV resort most likely comes as close as any park to be an actual RV resort. Resort is a term used very loosely in describing campgrounds, and is usually the brunt of many campfire stories. And while the rates seem to be all over the place they are based on size of your rig as well as to the area of the park which you want to be in this a large park close to a thousand sites with multiple gathering areas. Most sites are pull through a few have grass but the majority are concrete and stone, most sites are small and your neighbour will be close by.

We went to this park for a number of different reasons and the main one is its location to the Las Vegas Strip. We were in Las Vegas for Miss Laurie’s Scentsy spring meeting which was being held at Bally’s Casino on the strip, that is also one of the reasons that we did not get to experience much of the parks amenities. The second reason we stayed at this park was because of a personal recommendation by other full timers that were from the Las Vegas area.

Our stay there was the first weekend of February 2018, and as stated we were there for Laurie’s Scentsy meeting and of course decided to watch the Super Bowl being our first time in the warmth so we got to move a television outside and watch under the stars, a far improvement from watching up north in the cold.

This park was perfectly manicured, the staff were well trained and knew their jobs, the park was neat and tidy (and comes with a very long list of regulations), every staff member we met was more than willing to help with any issues. The park is located near the airport so there were always planes overhead, it is also sided by I-15 which is a busy north south interstate, as well as the side by I-15 had some huge billboards that hung over some areas of the park that could have caused issues with clear sky for satellite reception.

As with all RV parks there are cons. Of course “Free WiFi” was non existent as are most (remember you get what you pay for – you pay nothing and you get nothing), the park is very large which means rules are strongly enforced and distances to some areas can be difficult, as well as being busy like pools, hot tubs, laundry and such.

We would certainly return to this park if we needed to be close to the strip, maybe not so much is just exploring the area around Las Vegas as we feel the value comes from enjoying the parks amenities.

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