Tuesday February 16th 2021

Uncle! I give up! Enough already! We have snow up past our ying yang!

Yes we woke this morning to another dump of this white crap!

Ok seriously I’m about done with this whole Canadian winter bull sh!t, stay home was what we were told, but that’s getting real old. Some might consider this as beautiful with the sun shining on the fresh snow fall, this may not be exactly how I would describe it. Oh the Christmas Eve and Christmas Day snow falls were nice, some would even say beautiful, I’m not one of them.

I’m old enough to know that we got about 10 inches of snow last night and I think that works out to around 25 centimeters for you metrified people, but I also know we’re almost into measuring this crap in feet which is never a good thing.

Now I do feel bad for all those people in Texas and the deep south that have received more snow than most of them have ever seen, but I also know that in a week it will all be gone, melted, ran down the drain kind of gone. While here in Goderich where we are piling this crap higher than our heads and that it will be with us most likely until April.

It was so deep this morning that even Miss Laurie felt sorry for the old fart and came out to help finish up the clearing of the drive. And just to make it worse our closest neighbour Sean keeps telling me that it has been years since the area has received this much snow, usually followed by “where would you have been this year if it wasn’t for the covid lockdown?”

And just to add a little insult to my already aching back we are suppose to get another dump in a couple of days when the next storm rolls through … Oh boy I can’t hardly wait.

One thought on “TIME OUT!

  1. We have tons our way as well-like you – enough of this white stuff. I want a nice sandy beach and warm breeze 🏖☀️🌅


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