Craggy Wash BLM – Boondocking

Location: East side of AZ-95 1.5 miles north of Lake Havasu City AZ

Rate: FREE for 14 days

GPS: 34.5935 -114.3619

This spot is a real gem. And while we have stayed here on a number of occasions it is not the best suited to bigger rigs as it is very rough terrain. We have always managed to get a spot in the same area which is approximately a mile and a half from the highway it is always reasonably busy and closer neighbours than with a lot of dispersed camping areas. We have never driven to the end of Craggy wash but have been back two or three miles it is a narrow wash between the mountains and the beauty is amazing. During the winter months the mountains can shadow solar panels reducing input so careful planning is required

Just as the name implies this whole area is a wash. And for those of you that have never seen a wash when it rains it can be a little terrifying. For lack of better descriptions a wash is a dry river that can spring back to life with just a snap thunderstorm.

Do not camp in washes unless you are fully aware of just what can happen and how fast. This has always been one of the most amazing things to understand and if you are not from an area that experiences these flash floods it is almost to much to fathom, that the water crossing over a road or running down one of these washes can be multiple feet deep in just a few moments. And one of the most unnerving parts can be that it may never rain where you are, the storm could be miles away high in a mountain range that catches you totally off guard in a valley miles away.

All the photos below are from Miss Laurie as it is a photogenic area with beautiful sun rises, sunsets, scenic views as well as some wildlife. I can’t see us getting to Arizona and not spending a little time at Craggy wash. Lake Havasu City is a few miles south and offers all the shopping needed, dining, attractions, a movie theatre, and more. We have seen wild burrows within five minutes of our camp site, you can even kayak on Lake Havasu less than ten minutes away.

One thought on “Craggy Wash BLM – Boondocking

  1. Beautiful pictures/scenery- thanks for sharing.
    Looking forward to seeing you guys in a couple of weeks – let’s hope the snow will be gone by then.


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