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Laurie, Brian & Mister Sam our cat, have been living fulltime in our 40′ diesel pusher coach since October 2017. These blogs are our adventures and travels as we chase the perfect temperature, our journeys, our experiences, both good and bad. With the complexity of crossing international borders, exchanging monies, the constant converting from miles to kilometers, Celsius to Fahrenheit. So come join us as we roll down the road! 


  • Country Maples RV Resort – Review

    Country Maples RV Resort – Review

    This review is a snapshot of what we experienced while staying in the park, and may or may not be what someone else might experience.

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  • Week twelve @ CMR

    Week twelve @ CMR

    With less than two months left at CMR, we are planning our return to the southern states. But not before some more exploration of the island, as we head back to the Pacific Ocean.

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  • Maple Wifi – Review

    Maple Wifi – Review

    Hopefully the answer connectivity on both sides of the border, while not inexpensive, not much worse than most providers, and is un-throttled, un-limited service.

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  • Pacific Marine Circle adventure

    Pacific Marine Circle adventure

    It is when you slow down enough to take in some of the smallest but most amazing thing that are in this great big world, that we are able to start to appreciate the complexity of how all the pieces fit together.

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  • July’s Windshield View 2022

    July’s Windshield View 2022

    July is normally a month that we are working so does not include a lot of travel, but we do try to take advantage of day trip adventures

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  • Bear Lake, kayaking adventure

    Bear Lake, kayaking adventure

    A great little lake to get your feet wet, and enjoy a sunny day on the calm water.

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