Storm Day #1

Today is storm day, as I watched the weather last night on television it starts to make more sense why the excitement over a rain storm. The normal rain fall to this point in the year is near 7 inches but so far they have only had 3.1 inches, so the area is in need of the rain. Our forecast for today Tuesday high of 76 low of 62, chance of rain 40% at 10 o’clock this morning and gradually increasing to 100% by 10 o’clock tonight.

As I write this it 6 o’clock in the morning, temperature is 62 or 15 degrees the humidity is 22% and we have a 70% chance of rain. The problem with rain in the desert or even moreover the mountains, they do not absorb any of the moisture so it just runs off, about the same as it would off of asphalt, and the desert is so dry that can not get the benefit of the moisture, and it ends up rushing down the deep cuts through the desert called washes. We have not experienced the fury of a wash after a heavy rain but have seen the results and have been told about the power by those that have.

Well it’s 6:30 Tuesday evening and still no rain here, it has been pushed off till overnight, it is raining in Phoenix, and is major news. It has been 53 days since it rained last so to say it is needed is kind of an understatement, we have put most things away and are ready for the storm to hit, it has not been a good solar day and we are running our generator as I finish this blog. Today was just a catch-up day for me, bringing some of our paper work up to date, checking on the exchange rates and preparing for a couple of major purchases.

Just a random lighthouse picture…lol

Day 777