Plamosa Road BLM

February 6th 2020 Big day today, the Buchanan’s are headed north on AZ-95, all the way from LaPosa West all the way to Plamosa Road, this is a BLM area that is along the roadway, it runs a length of about 16 miles, we picked a spot about two miles down Plamosa Road away from Highway 95. This is an area that is very similar to the terrain that we […]

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Congratulations Kansas

February 3rd 2020 8 o’clock Sunday evening and we made it all the way to the end of the Super Bowl, it was a real close game, until the Chiefs come to life in the fourth quarter. Yes they staged a pretty strong comeback, took advantage when any given the opportunity and forced some timely turnovers, and after a fifty year drought, were probably favourites for quite a few fans […]

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