Plamosa Road BLM

February 6th 2020

Big day today, the Buchanan’s are headed north on AZ-95, all the way from LaPosa West all the way to Plamosa Road, this is a BLM area that is along the roadway, it runs a length of about 16 miles, we picked a spot about two miles down Plamosa Road away from Highway 95. This is an area that is very similar to the terrain that we experienced at Roadrunner BLM, it is referred to as desert pavement, basically just a surface covered with stones, so there should be less dust although we are only here for a few days. We are about five miles north of Quartzsite and this was the view out of our windshield tonight.

View from our windshields

This is one of the reasons that we trudge our way to Arizona, and of course there is the 70 or 20 degree thing, and the 17% humidity thing, and the no mosquito thing, and the no rain thing, and the lack of clouds, and of course there is the beautiful landscape…just saying.

Our home for the weekend at Plamosa Road BLM

The evenings are so amazing, no light pollution, more stars than you could even imagine, we are being blessed with a full moon this weekend. Today was a moving day, all of 14 miles including the trip to the dump station and fresh water fill. We had a couple of days left on the LTVA but we wanted to get out of the dust, and get to a little quieter area, away from the main highway. The problem with the highway was the rumble strips, it’s not a wide road and has rumble strips on both edges and down the center lane, which everyone seemed to able to hit as they travelled the highway.

Desert Pavement

Miss Laurie got another load of laundry done, today to top off our grey tank before I went to dump, which mean less laundry next week when we make it to full hookups in Nevada. We have a couple of events before we head up to Nevada on Monday, we are only a couple of hours away, but we need to get Thunder cleaned up from over two months in the desert dust before we head up to Vegas so that probably means heading through Kingman AZ for a Thunder spa at the Blue Beacon truck wash and a trip over the new bridge at Hoover Dam.

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