Francine and Gilles

February 5th 2020

Well once we get the ice out of the humming bird feeder, today is going to be a special day. The Bannon’s are stopping by our little piece of desert to pick us up for a trip to Yuma for lunch with Francine and Gilles, we have not seen them since since last spring in Florida. We had planned a visit in January, but because of unforeseen issues, we were unable to get together before we had to move on. But all systems are a go today.

So the plan was to meet at a place in Yuma called Burgers & Beer, what could possibly be wrong with that, I just happen to like both of those items. But when I got looking at the menu there were so many items that looked really good, I bounced between a bacon wrapped hot dog, a blue cheese burger, but I settled on a shrimp poor boy and I do believe it was an excellent choice. It was great to catch up on the past few months and discover what everyone has planned for the short term as well as the long range plans for next winter. It seems that we are all aimed for different part of the southern states next winter. Again keeping in touch with all these full time travelers is easy with social media but being able visit with everyone keeps becoming more difficult as next winter has people scattered from the Carolinas to Arizona and a number of spots in between. While our winter plans are not set in stone we are still looking at a number of options, in fact it really is too far off for us to be doing anything other just pitching ideas back and forth, because we are ok just boondocking for a winter of living off grid is ok with us.

Notice how I tried to make it ok by adding a salad…lol

It is always great getting together with our RV family, and when your friends are from all different areas and travel full time there are always some great stories of places that have been visited, adventures that have been memorable, stories of travel issues either road conditions, new city bypasses, and of course equipment problems, and of course discussing everyone’s travel plans, either short and long term as we try to plan our next opportunity for a rendezvous.

Shari, Laurie, Francine, Gilles, Myself and Bob

But our day did not end with lunch, as our tour guides took us sight seeing to the sand dunes in Glamis CA and to the bird sanctuary at Cibola AZ, both were new to the Buchanan’s and both will be worthy of revisiting, just a couple more amazing spots out here in the desert.

North Algodones Dunes Wilderness Area
Cibola National Wildlife Refuge