December 13th 2019

Well it’s Friday the thirteenth, and nothing really major happening today…I received our new 3000 watt pure sine wave inverter and controller last evening, haven’t even checked it out yet. This inverter is a hybrid type of inverter, so as well as being pure sine wave it allows us to control our draw on our power source. In simpler terms it allows us to use our batteries and solar when plugged in, our old inverter would shut down and turn into just a battery charger, when ever we had shore power, while this one does not. The best example is when we are drive way surfing at a friends and they let us plug into a 15 amp circuit, the reality is we can really draw 12 amps with out a risk of tripping the circuit, we are limited to a total load of only 12 amps period…this new inverter allows us to program it that we only have 12 amps of shore power so if we tried to use an electric heater at 9 amps and Miss Laurie’s hair drier at 8 amps the inverter would draw battery power to cover all the load (5 amps) over the 12 amps of shore power. The second advantage is when we are on full hookups but we are being charged for our electricity usage, we can reduce our draw by using our battery power, and using the solar, reducing our electric cost, how much saving that provides will remain to be seen.

I’m hopping to finish some rework on the battery tray as we still haven’t totalling succeeded on that front yet, so I will need to cut some material from the back of the battery tray to accommodate our new batteries. I hope to get the engine air filter changed on Thunder today, possibly service the generator, and I’m going to have to make a dump run soon to get rid of some packing materials.

This is also pot luck Friday, Miss Laurie is making her chicken taco soup, while preparing for our off grid trial tonight. Happy hour has been none existent this week as I have had to wait for UPS every afternoon right at happy hour…but that will change now, most of our purchases has landed, so happy hour is back on the schedule.

Victron 3000 watt 100 amp 120 volt hybrid pure sine wave inverter

So I spent a few hours today starting to set the program on our new Victron inverter, and hope to finish it off on Saturday. I have been planning the install and while it will be a lot of work to install and program initially, it will make it much easier to live the life style that we have chosen.