January 5th 2020

Well I’m off to a sluggish start today, I am coming down with Miss Laurie’s cold so I guess the best I can hope for, is because I did get my flu shot the effect will hopefully be less than what has hit Miss Laurie. So I crawled out of bed at 8am just as the solar starts to harvest, the state of charge is at 50% not too bad we only dropped 25% over night or 150 amp/hours. Remember it’s not about how much power we actually use everyday that is at issue, it’s about our ability to replenish the power we have used, and it’s all about that ability while we are boondocking, because the alternator on Thunder charges the batteries when we are on the road.

The weather today is very similar to yesterday, full sun, a good solar day, only difference is the cool breeze from the north, so it feels cooler than it actually is. Because we will be moving tomorrow, what ever the solar array brings in today will be what we have to work with, our time here in Yuma has not worked out as well as we had anticipated, no movie, no visit with Gilles and Francine, no trip to California to see the Pacific Ocean and no supply restocking…just way too many NO’S, but this is real life and we just have to roll with the punches that life throws at us.

So let’s try to stay positive as we move on, we have reserved a dry camping spot on a parking lot in Lake Havasu State Park and it’s on a first come basis. So our plan is to be there early on Tuesday morning the gates open at 9am, to get our pick of the 60’ X 22’ pieces of a parking lot, the direction we park will determine how much solar we can harvest, but since we are going to Lake Havasu for the balloon festival the desired view may effect the parking direction. Because we will be there for a week we need to go there, with full fresh water and empty waste tanks. In a worst case generators are allowed and we may have to supplement our solar. I would also make the assumption that there will be lots of generator noise all over most the week.

Our parking lot! At least we will have good access to the lake for the kayaks…lol

So Monday we will head north up US-95 through Quartzsite, so we will most likely dump waste, refill fresh water, and top off the propane tanks at the RV Depot in Quartzsite, we had hoped to visit some people while in the Quartzsite area but that now with our colds doesn’t look likely. We could stop at a number of spots on the way up, I think the actual spot will just remain open at this time, much will depend what time we get on the road, we are less that three hours away from Lake Havasu so it would be good to get up a close to our final destination as possible so maybe to the Parker AZ. area tomorrow.

Solar Update: at 4pm Sunday afternoon our state of charge is 72% so we will not get to where I was hoping as the charging level has dropped off to less than 20 amps if we do get to 75% it will not hold till 8pm…Conclusion we will need more solar panels, looks like at least 400 watts…but we will see.