January 8th 2020

Well that’s not too tough of view out of our windshield…as the sunsets over Lake Havasu, looks like a great start to a very good week. We ventured out to the blue sign store today, to pick up some basic supplies, Miss Laurie is still self medicating with over the counter drugs, other that a few cough drops I have had no medication for over 36 hours. I have set up the outside chairs, got out the barbecue and fire pit, in fact we had barbecued burgers last night for dinner. And then I watch the news and find out Iran has fired ballistic missiles at US military bases in Iraq and just wonder where this is going. And as much as I do not have an answer, I do know it’s not going anywhere good, but then I knew that right after the drone strike.

So Iranian news is claiming mass casualties in the strikes on the military bases and Fox News is now claiming that the Iranians intentionally missed the bases because they were afraid to start a war, every politician that can find a news team and can get in front of a camera is making a statement either for or against…but I’m sure it’s all just fake news…and then there is a Ukrainian jet crash this morning that killed everyone on board. I’m thinking it could be a very interesting next few days, as every body is jockeying for the most favourable news position, no one wants to look weak, and with most leaders that could be worked out with this cast of characters I’m not sure it can be sorted out…which will in the end cost innocent lives.

Enough about the world problems it’s now time to look at my problems…we went to start the generator last evening and she was a no go. Of course it was about seven last night when I tried, so it’s pitch black, so I just did a few quick checks and gave up until daylight today, which should happen in the next hour. Here is what I know, the generator starts off of the chassis batteries, the chassis batteries are fully charged, sitting at 12.8 volts. The chassis batteries are at the back right corner of the coach, all the chassis wiring starts at a panel in the left front corner of the coach, and some place in between I have a bad connection. Because I have less that 12 volts at that panel and with any kind of load it drops to “0”, so I’m thinking just a bad connection, so that’s Brian’s first job this morning. There is no end to generator noise here, they are supposed to be off at 10pm and not on till 6am, but of course people seem to ignore the rules if it doesn’t fit their needs or schedule…these are the people I just refer to as “special”, the only reason they are special is because their mommy told them they were.

The balloon festival actually starts at noon on Thursday so today was just another moving in day, although there aren’t a lot of spots left close to us, we will most likely take a walk or bike ride today to get an idea of the layout as I know we are about a mile and a half from the actual balloon field, that’s what happens when you only book six months in advance. This is the tenth year for the festival and it draws around 25,000 people each year, it is all inside of the Lake Havasu State Park that sits right on the shore of Lake Havasu, it’s located just north of the “London Bridge”. There was lots of boat traffic on the lake, with more to come as the weekend nears, but our vista out the windshield has been pretty good so far.

Generator update: the culprit connection has been located and dealt with according, descaled, wire brushed, and filed to a clean shiny surface, reinstall and tightened, and now we have our generator back on line. Just another day in the life of a full timer, we just take it in stride, if these little issues were a reason to drink, we wouldn’t ever be sober enough roll down the road…just saying.

World War III Update: I was so relieved to hear President Trump almost say today that he would deescalate the attack on Iran, and we didn’t learn anything else at least now we all know why and what caused this near catastrophic event…it was the “bad previous administration” that brought us all this close to imminent danger…like seriously…give your head a shake. I’m almost sure we are all sleeping just a little better tonight knowing who is in control now…just saying I’m not.