Matt & Melissa – the newlyweds!

February 11th 2020

Today we will continue our un-dusting process, everything we have is dusty, so it is a process, shaking, rinsing, washing, and wiping. We are still in the desert and will be boondocking again as we start our trek back to Ontario but it’s just hard to put a dusty sun shade on a clean coach. We are leaving the coach on Friday as we are taking a week off to enjoy a week of vacation on the Las Vegas strip in our time share. That was one of the reasons for our month long stay in Vegas…a week of storage is almost the same as a week in the RV site so why not, that way we can unload the towed to use it as our transportation around Vegas as we have friends flying in on Friday to join us at our time share

Well today we drove to downtown Vegas to meet up with some newlyweds, Matt and Melissa just got hitched here in Vegas and we thought it would be nice to hookup for cocktails. Laurie and I have known Matt for a number of years, we all worked together back in our automotive dark years…Matt now owns and operates a thriving catering business and his specialty is barbecue, and he does a pretty fine job, we did not know Melissa when she was in the automotive world, and is now in insurance, but she often helps Matt at some of his catering events.

So congratulations to the newlyweds, and hopefully we will get a chance to get together again, it’s always great catching up with friends from the Niagara region, and this was a great start to our stay here, as we got married here in Vegas a couple of years ago as well.

After our meet up down town we headed to the blue sign store to pick up a couple of items, before going to the buffet at the casino that the RV park is attached to. In true Vegas style the Tuesday night buffet is a two for one special, so dinner for two under thirteen dollars, oh it’s not a huge selection but there was more than enough to satisfy our taste buds, there was some roasted turkey for Miss Laurie, and some ribs for me and cake, pie and ice cream for desert , a pretty good deal, and just steps from the coach.

Got through most of my projects today, kayaks off the toed, the bikes mounted on the coach, even the kayak racks were removed to make us parking garage friendly. As well as being a little more fuel efficiency, while fuel efficiency is not the number one reason we pick a toed or a coach the better the fuel mileage is, is an added bonus and with the kayaks off the roof our mileage increases drastically. But the main reason for stripping the truck was to fit into parking garages, almost everywhere in Vegas there is a parking garage, so the racks are very restrictive as to where we will fit…but it makes it much harder to pick it out in a parking lot…just saying.

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