Star Wars – Rise of Skywalker

February 12th 2020

Wednesday in Las Vegas and Miss Laurie finally got to see the most recent Star Wars movie. This movie was released on December 20th so I was quite surprised to find it still playing in the theatre, I guess that is the advantage to the big complexes that have sixteen screens. In fact it was almost like a private viewing as there were only four others in the theatre today, we took in a matinee screening with a big bucket of popcorn, tough way to spend an afternoon…just saying

This movie was a long time getting on to our schedule, it was on January’s plan but had to be postponed. So we were presently surprised and pleased to find it showing just down the road from our location at Arizona Charlie’s. We find it hard to believe this will be the last movie in the franchise so I guess that will remain to be seen…

Quick update, we are settled into a park and have full hookups so we are enjoying, unlimited power and have dugout our electric space heater as we have mornings in the high thirty’s and are taking advantage of the electric power included in our fee, the time change means it’s now almost dark at five thirty, and the daytime highs are mid sixties, so not a lot different than what we had in Arizona. We have been doing a fair bit of catching up, with laundry, reorganizing, paying some bills, and starting to pack to go to the condo, tomorrow is a Costco day for supplies.