Mr. Sam goes on vacation

Well the term vacation my be a little deceiving, but that is how Miss Laurie has been presenting this to Mr. Sam. Now for anyone that doesn’t know Mr. Sam is our cat he is a seven year old stray who found us about five years ago and has become a very large part of our life, so as we have planed our vacation, we need to board Mr. Sam for the week we are at the timeshare, how he makes out will remain to be seen. But Mr. Sam has turned into a pretty big suck, when he first arrived we had two other cats, but as life happens, he is now our only pet so he could be making up for lost time by being a very affectionate cat who has come to understand that sucking up has its rewards…

As you can see Mr. Sam has a pretty set morning routine that involves naps on our bed, so every morning after I get up a certain cat takes over my previous warmed spot on the queen sized bed to nap till normally 10 o’clock…I just thinking there may not be a previously warmed bed for his near vacation future.

This was Mr. Sams home for a week, it came recommended to us by Ozzie’s mom. Ozzie is Lorena and Paul’s cat who could be Mr. Sams brother and also travels full time with the “Motorhome Experiment” and can be watched on their YouTube channel. Thanks again to the Charron’s for their guidance into this lifestyle.

A quick view of where Mr. Sam spent a week being boarded, it offered continuous fish and bird tv for his viewing pleasure, there were cats only so no noisy barking dogs. The cages were large with separate litter and sleeping areas. Each cat gets time in the larger play area with a plethora of toys to entertain them. Each cat is checked by the vet to ensure everyone is in good health before being placed into the boarding area.

We picked up Mr. Sam at about 10 am on Friday, while I’m not sure, I think we were a lot happier to see him than he was to see us…just saying

But that seemed to change as the day went on, I’m now pretty sure now that he did miss us, at least a little, as he seems to have stayed close all afternoon and evening…