There it was gone…

We arrived back to the coach today to find someone had stole my bike off the bike rack on the back of our coach. This was a fear that we had more when we first started into this life style…and leaving the coach at an RV park for a week you hope you are with good honest people. According to our neighbour the bike disappeared Monday night, he said the bike was there when he went in on Monday but noticed it was gone on Tuesday morning when he left his trailer, he also seen the seat the idiot brought with him.

I will discuss the RV park more in a review blog…all I want to touch on now is the loss of a twenty year old, promotional bike that we purchased through a car dealership we were working at more than twenty years ago. I had replaced the tires last winter but the one still goes flat regularly, it had no seat so the brain surgeon that stole it brought a seat with him, but he wasn’t smart enough to bring one the right size.

So this idiot even after casing his target, he still left with out a seat, most bike thefts are deterred by removing the seat so I still have the seat in the coach, as most bike thefts are just to be used as a short term transportation to a different area in town…but this waste of skin actually had enough thought process to plan the theft, not a lot of thought but at least some.

So when I reported the theft to the park they sent out a security guard to take a statement, my expectations we very low, and they met my expectations. I provided a statement, and while the young fellow said all the right things, there is nothing that they can do and I just didn’t think the Las Vegas metro police would want to waste time with the theft of a bike that realistically is worth nothing, and with my luck they would find it and they would expect me to pay to have it shipped.

No my twenty year old rusty bike is gone, and I just have to accept that some piece of shit has my bike, and now I just need to move on. But I just picture some idiot trying to ride the bike down the road with a soft front tire, and no seat, wearing a red MAGA backwards on his brain space…duh I hope he’s ok…lol

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