Leap year

February 29th 2020

So every four years we throw another day onto a calendar to correct the extra quarter revolution of the earth each year, so someone decided to add an extra to February, just what we need an extra day of winter every four years…like no body thought about adding an extra day to June…just an idea. Because the extra day is added to keep the summer solstice correct, but if the fourth year in divisible evenly by 400 we skip that year, like seriously. Now how many of you know someone born on February 29th? Can you imagine that celebration every four years? Well I happen to know two young ladies born on the 29th, and as amazing as that my seem, they are both named Debra, and both born the same year in small towns in Ontario, less than thirty miles apart. Strange but true, and by the way Happy Birthday Debra from sunny Nevada.

We are closing in on spring…the weather person told us today that March was coming in like a Lion, ya the temperature is dropping, it’s going to be windy and we may even get some rain…ya that sounds pretty tough on the outside but let me translate that as a Canadian would hear it…a forecast low of 62 F (15 C) winds as high as 15 mph (24 kHz) and 1/4 inch (.6 cm) or as we would say a June day. And the chance of rain is only 20%, not really what I could describe as March coming in like a lion, but a quick glimpse at the weather map, looks like Lion could be the way to describe the Niagara area.

It has been a slower paced week, we are catching up on some items. Miss Laurie got some new glasses, they we not a good deal for mine so I will look again later. As we are going back to work in April so we needed some new work clothes for spring, so five pairs of jeans, three thermal henley shirts, for under one hundred dollars, can’t do that back in Ontario…just saying. Picked up some storage bins for a cabinet where I keep a lot of clothes, it has always been a bit of a disaster, now the bins slide out to show all choices, as we as putting things a way. We went to the container store, gave the staff the measurements and they offered a number of solutions, four bins for $22…score!

We are almost back into our regular routine after a week on the Las Vegas strip, we are barbecuing dinners, enjoying a few beverages in the afternoon sun. We also realize that we are less than sixty days till we are back at LHR (Lake Huron Resort), we leave Las Vegas early in March, and as we head east and north we have a few spots that we would like to visit, and some friends we would like to catch up with.

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