On the move!

March 10th 2020

A glance of our view heading south on US-95 through California

Our one month stay in Las Vegas was up today, and of course it had to be the day it rained … like seriously. Luckily we had packed up a lot of our items last night so this morning was pretty much just finishing up, flushing of the black tank, topping off the fresh water, rolling up hoses, you know all the glamorous thing that go with camping.

We had heard a lot of sirens last night when we went to bed at around ten o’clock, but we never thought too much of it, because we hear lots of sirens every night, we are in Vegas, well the sirens were for a fire in the RV park … WOW … so a fifth wheel caught fire and took out the unit beside it. The disadvantage to being packed in so tight, it’s not just about privacy, it’s about safety. Luckily no one was hurt but two units were lost, and I think about how it would devastate us, to loose everything we have because our neighbours unit caught fire.

Well we are safe and well and heading south today, the rain had stopped as we finished packed up and as we headed out of Las Vegas our destination is Plamosa Road BLM area just a few miles north of Quartzsite. Our route this time is straight south on US-95 into California then east on US-62 to Parker Arizona then head south on AZ-95 to our destination. The Nevada portion of US-95 has all been redone, it’s four lanes with a center median, while the California portion is a narrow two lane road with out any passing lanes. And in California’s infinite wisdom they make this a 65 MPH road but restrict autos towing trailers and trucks to 55 MPH, so what could possibly go wrong. Luckily traffic was light and there were a limited amount of crazy Californians willing to risk death to pass us, so all is well.

A view from the co-pilot seat as we head south

Thunder ran well, as this was our first day of driving since our last fuel filter change, we fuelled up at Parker and to our delight the price of diesel fuel was two fifty per gallon, haven’t seen prices that low since South Carolina a couple of years ago. For of Canadian family that like paying eighty six point seven cents per litre, which is quite a break from the dollar twenty one we paid in the fall. It was just in January I thought I got a deal when I bought diesel in Yuma at $2.95 a gallon, because we had been paying around $3.25.

So while we travelled 203 miles (327 kilometres) and everything went well got settled in at Plamosa Road by about three o’clock, a little longer day than normal, but other than the rain it was an easy drive … in fact it seemed like a perfect time for a couple of afternoon cocktails, happy hour as you will. So a couple of cocktails in (and we are talking Miss Laurie cocktails) the whole world seems to be making perfect sense … well as perfect as it can be. And the alarm on the fridge starts beeping, well we have been hooked up for 29 days and it worked perfect and it had been running on propane for the last eight hours with no issue, but now it is setting a code for no propane … but the tank gauge reads half, now the gauge could be wrong but I didn’t think it was. So I head outside to check the tank and access the burner on the fridge. After so strange clicking it re-ignites and seem to be ok.

So I had one more cocktail and watched some television and hit the hay at ten o’clock, well apparently the alarm started again at ten thirty, I sleep right through the alarm but when I woke at midnight, Miss Laurie told me she had shut the fridge off, so at twelve thirty I’m outside I’m my PJ’s trying to plug the fridge into the inverter, and to my dismay it was becoming apparent that it was not going to run on the power supply either. Well ain’t that a bitch … nothing is going to happen till tomorrow now … to be continued.

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