A rainy Thursday in the desert.

March 12th 2020

This is always an amazing, when you get rain in the desert. And we got rain today, not only rain but some pretty strong wind, as I have stated before rain especially heavy rain in the desert just runs to the lowest area.

Our “pop-up” water feature in the wash beside our coach

This picture was taken at around ten o’clock this morning, it was dry yesterday and it there was nothing flowing this afternoon. Then another storm rolled through and within an hour it was back flowing. I know it’s hard to tell the size from the photo, while not very deep only about a few inches it is at least six feet wide. While surrounded by mountains, we are not real close, we are on high ground three or four feet above the level of the wash, but it just comes in waves.

So this flashed across our phones at 4:30 this afternoon

What we need to remember is that this week, Arizona may get over half of their full years rain fall. It was a very strange day with heavy rain, high winds, sunshine, thunderstorms, and rainbows. But as we turned in for the evening the sound of rain on the roof lulled us to sleep

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