Weekend Warriors!

March 21st 2020

Definition: Oxford dictionary … noun … a person who participates in an activity only in their spare time

It had started yesterday, the “weekend warriors” had started to move in with all their equipment, toys, kids and noice. Now don’t get me wrong, I understand the desire to escape to the outdoors, especially right now with all the turmoil and the whole world grinding to a halt, schools, restaurants, social gatherings, all closed or cancelled. I also know that most likely by Sunday afternoon most will be packed up and headed back to their day to day lives and we will be settled back into our little quiet piece of paradise.

Can you say construction generator!

Our weekend neighbors are obviously country western music fans, we know this because they also must have hearing issues because in the coach with the television on last evening we could still hear their music, and Miss Laurie is not sure it even falls into the classification of music. And of course they need power to run the music machine so we have the roar of construction generators to power their rigs, not solar friendly here for sure, because we only a hour from Phoenix there are a lot more weekend warriors than we ever seen in Quartzsite which is two hours from Phoenix.

We are spending Saturday here in the middle of the warriors, but tomorrow we are hoping to go kayaking with Ray and Karen on Canyon Lake near Lost Dutchman State Park with temperatures in the seventies it should be a great outing, comments and photos to follow I’m sure

Everyone please be careful out there and stay safe!

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