Friday March 27th 2020

We won! Well of course I’m talking about the EGG lottery, we made a supply run to Wally World in Florence today and scored 36 large eggs, it felt like winning the big one … just saying!

It’s Friday afternoon and the warriors are starting to move in for the weekend. We have had a great week here in our little piece of Arizona desert, we got to spend some valuable time with Ray & Karen, the Sanino’s even ventured way out into the desert for a barbecue, we got to get our kayaks wet, we have had some great hikes through the desert, we also got to see the beginning of the cactus blooming, had some very quiet nights with the windows open. It is hard to believe that we will have been here 14 days on Monday, we have stretched our water supply and we should be good until Monday.

Our solar has provided us with all the power that we have needed, even with some rain and a few cloudy days, so now our plan is to head to Tucson on Monday to a full hookup park for the night, to dump, refill, do laundry, and prepare for our journey north. Our last hookups were March 7th in Las Vegas, my how the world has changed, in just three weeks. The States is now the hot spot on the pandemic front, with New York leading the way. They have known this has been coming for over two months and still everyone seems so ill prepared, although there must be tons of toilet paper stashed away somewhere in bunkers near by … just saying

But I was so relieved to hear this coronavirus will all be over by Easter … The Easter Miracle … according to Donnie.

But all that Bullshit aside we are still in good health and keeping well, certainly limiting our contact with the outside world, but enjoying the Arizona spring time, have been working on our spring tans in the sun, and we are still playing the toilet paper lottery, if we don’t win this lottery soon, Miss Laurie says she is going to have to start rationing our use … then things could turn ugly. (I was going to say turn shitty … but I think it’s too soon)

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