What the heck!

As I have reported earlier, we are in Missouri heading toward the Mississippi River near St. Louis as we trek back to Ontario. And because of some dreary cold weather we have been watching a little more television than normal. And while most of the shows are just mindless entertainment what we have found the most entertaining are the commercials, like you just can’t make this stuff up, right now “My Dish” app has not been working to keep the local stations updated as to our location so we are presently watching Tulsa Oklahoma television channels. We are watching with a coffee and Baileys this Sunday morning and are watching all the commercials for Tornado shelters to place in your garage, the reality is it looked like a round “port a potty” that is bolted to the concrete floor of the garage. So the warning is sounded and you rush to the garage and lock your butt in this steel out house until the storm passes. That commercial is followed by a restoration company that you could call in to clean up any storm damage that your property may have suffered, which was followed by a loan company that will give you cash for your jewelry, basically like a pawn shop but because of the Covid19 they were offering it interest free for 90 days. Just add to that, the daily weather reports all talk about the severe storm level everyday and explain how they are coming into the spring storm season which peaks in May. As we sit listening to all these warnings, we keep wondering why not just move? If you don’t know whether your house will be there after you come home from work, the need for storm shelters and such … it makes us realize how every area of the country has their own issues, whether it is the need for air conditioners while we were in Arizona or the storms in Missouri and Oklahoma, each area has their own needs, and someone just adapts to fill those needs.

It’s kind of like the weathermen in each area has such different highlights, like when we used to winter in the north, the winter storm coverage would be all inclusive, and in Arizona it was all about a rain storm, and here in the Midwest it’s all about tornadoes, while in the summer it’s all about the hurricanes on the coastal areas, again each area has its own environmental characteristics and the need to stay informed to each area. It is one of the reasons I have an app on my phone that warns of severe weather in any area we may be visiting, just the need to be informed. But apparently this cold snap we are enjoying is not good for tornadoes, so every weather pattern has a couple of sides.

Just as a warning I do feel a true rant in the making, over some of the stupidity that running so rampant right now … so stay tuned.

Please stay safe and be well!

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