Thursday April 23rd 2020 01:00

A view from my wood splitter of an early lake freighter waiting to dock at the salt mine in Goderich.

So yesterday was our first day of work at LHR (Lake Huron Resort), we were original scheduled to start on the 20th but with our mandatory self isolation period, after spending the winter in Arizona, we are a couple of days late. With what is going on around us the scheduled opening has been pushed back a couple of weeks so there is lots of time to prepare.

So with social distancing in effect, we are getting our instructions through email and texts. There is a long list of items that need to be completed before the park opens, many are cosmetic, but a number of important items as well. April in Ontario has been exceptional cold so while yesterday was to be the first day of getting the water turned on we have had to postpone it for a few days. So I spent the majority of the day splitting and bagging fire wood, really not a tough job, but those who have known me for a while may remember that I have a crickety old back and working in certain positions bring on excruciating pain, doesn’t happen a lot any more, but when it does it can be a bit of a bitch.

Now I have medication that takes care of the pain, in fact I’m felling pretty dam good right about now, no pain at all, the problem is insomnia. I take these pills and the pain subsides, I don’t feel high, I just have no pain, but I also only can sleep for a couple of hours, so here I am writing a blog in the middle of the night … what can I say. I will be able to get to sleep in a few hours, so I would normally just read for a while until I start to feel tired, but this morning I decided I’d just bring you up to date with what is happening.

Like everyone else we are being controlled by the guidelines from the Ontario government, and as campgrounds are deemed as an non-essential service the opening has been pushed back two weeks, at which time it will be reassessed. The grounds at LHR are in great shape, the whole property seems quite dry, as I walked the whole park yesterday, certainly not at all like last spring when I had to rush out and buy a pair of rubber boots. Now I know everyone is hoping that we can get open, but I think even if we can there will still be social distancing guidelines in effect, which means most of the common areas will have to remain closed. So we are still preparing to have everything open but will follow whatever guidelines we are given. I will do my best to try to keep everyone up to speed as information becomes available, because we are looking forward to seeing everyone again.

As our mandatory isolation is up we ventured into Goderich for some supplies, we only made one stop, and were able to pick up a number of item, we even scored some “butt floss”, first time we have seen toilet paper since Las Vegas. I just can’t tell you in words what a great job Miss Laurie has done at stocking us up for the trip back from Arizona, as well as having meals for the fourteen days of isolation, and we laughed today although we were running low there was a few days more available if we had needed. Thanks again sweetie we have eaten three meals a day for twenty some days, hell if I want to prepare one meal, it involves a trip to at least one grocery store if not a couple, again hats off … you are the best!

Yesterday we had a cold wind off the lake, and with the high temperature just over the freezing point we were also treated to snow flurries as we worked, today is to be 8 degrees Celsius or 46 degrees Fahrenheit, so while better, no where close to balmy. So with no rain forecast until next week and the temperatures creeping up, I’m hoping we can get the water turned on to the park. We have been more that 14 days with only electric so we will have to empty holding tanks and need to refill fresh water before the weekend, and then we will be fine until sometime in May, by then all the utilities will be up and running.

As we have been watching the news broadcasts from Toronto ON as well as Detroit MI, and it is times like this that I can say with a lot of pride, a favourite line and also great line that an old and very dear friend used to say “It’s a great day to be Canadian”, and truer words have never been spoken, especially right now in these times, thank you again “Gunner”, and you still very much missed, but still in our hearts.

As Always: Stay Healthy, and Stay Safe!

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