May update

Thursday May 7th 2020

Yes we are still alive and well, the Covid virus has not gotten us or anything like that. We have been working hard getting the park prepared for our guests, the most recent information on the park opening is on the Tuesday after the long weekend. And to be quite honest that was what I expected to happen, this avoids most of the pandemonium that is the May 2-4 weekend. It would have been a real nightmare for us with opening day being the Friday, with all the new rules and requirements to allow us to open with the pandemic still taking lives.

Some of the spring flowers at LHR

The park is ready for our guests, the water is on, the power is on, but it will not be back to normal for some time! To open we have to close all common areas, so no washrooms, no laundry, no playground, no snap court, no events or gatherings. Everyone will need to keep proper social distancing rules in place, so no group campfires or groups of kids playing. Each family has to stay on their area, which will be difficult to police but will just have to done, the last thing that we need is an outbreak traced back to the park, that would most likely see the park closed indefinitely. There are guidelines laid down by the province that has non essential services closed to the 19th of May, hopefully we will get a go ahead at that time, then we have to meet requirements set out by the local public health department here in Huron county.

Our seasonal guests will not be able to have any visitors, so we will have to have an entrance gate to control the flow, we have needed to restock in Goderich, which is the closest shopping, and it is a slow difficult process right now, so I can only imagine the craziness when multiple local parks open … so we are telling everyone to shop at home and bring your supplies with you. The gate will be closed in the evening and not open till morning. A totally different feeling all around the area, Goderich was never came across as a friendly town before and it’s even worse now. Outsiders are kind of looked at as if they are going to infect the residents, they want our business under normal conditions, but right now it’s not very warm and fuzzy.

We are working on the look out areas, with more fill having been added over the winter. But now the benches that everyone has enjoyed will either need to be removed or taped off to force social distancing. As well as all the common areas being taped off, to try to keep everyone safe, this is where the local public health boards get their say as to what we must do, it looks like no more dog walking on common areas. The rules seem endless, but as you just sit and listen to the waves rolling in, it all seems to be OK. We will get through this if everyone co-operates, remember don’t shoot the messenger … we are not making the rules we just get stuck with enforcing them.

Please be safe, and stay strong and well!

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