Big boy toys …

Monday June 8th 2020

It’s 7:08 Monday morning and the roar of heavy equipment, had most of the park up and awake! With loaders, excavator, dump trucks, and flatbeds loaded with “Armour Stone” in fact just a little more than 100 tons of stone has just been hauled in. Today is the day for the next phase of the beach area work at the resort, the addition of rock to shore up the bluff and some strategically places stones to make the water carry and deposit more sand onto the the beach area. These are not tasks for the faint of heart with some of the equipment actually working in the water on the edge of the shore to set the stones into the sand to get the best results, years of knowledge in working with the wave action of Lake Huron are put to use by skilled operators that move these huge stones into place with the skill and precision of masters.

By mid afternoon most of the 100 plus tons of stone have been jockeyed into place, this happening as the province of Ontario just announced that many regions of Ontario will be allowed to enter the second phase of reopening within the week. This will be welcome news for for many people, with restaurants being able to open their patios, hair dressers being allowed to reopen, and many beaches will be allowed to open as well. Now as long as your area is not a Covid-19 “hot spot” things look to be turning a corner to normal, or at least the new normal … and as long as people use “common sense” many people should be able to enjoy some of the summer pleasures like cocktails on patios in the sunshine with a few socially distanced friends.

Ontario still has many areas that will not be allowed to the second phase of reopen yet, most of these areas being the larger populated areas like the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) and what is referred to as the Golden Horseshoe Area which encompasses around the west end of Lake Ontario through to the Niagara Falls area, along with a few other areas. We are hoping to get a go ahead from the local health board, so the timing on this work at the beach is almost perfect. As a few recent changes to the phase one rules have seemed to improved everyone’s outlook on life, being allowed to have a couple of friends to your site to enjoy a cocktail around the fire while still practicing social distancing last weekend was well received.

These are crazy times as we all struggle, with the changes to our style of life, hand shakes and hugs may well be things of the past, as we move forward I know that we are looking forward to the reopening of the patios and I sure as heck need a haircut. But as we wait to hear all the restrictions that will still be in place to ensure everyone’s safety, just the idea of a little taste of normality brings us to believe there is an end to this in site. I truly believe that live as we knew it will never be the same, and it has made us all appreciate much more what we had all grown to take as normal, meeting friends for dinner out, the happy hours, the gatherings, all have changed to some degree for ever.

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