Conservation people!

10 am Wednesday July 1st 2020

And already I have had to pump out four units … that’s less than 36 hours!

I will give one the benefit of the doubt, because I was not there for his last pump out, but the other three were done Sunday afternoon around two o’clock. And this is just black tanks, they are weeping their grey water, so I’m just trying to imagine how huge their water consumption must’ve in a house.

I can’t even start to explain water consumption to even make sense to myself on just a black water tank. Normally I would explain army showers, not running the water while brushing your teeth, washing and rinsing dishes, and we even catch the cold water in the shower before it gets warm in a pitcher to use in the toilet. But less than 36 hrs to fill a black tank there is no place to start an explanation.

A marine toilet, if you are totally out of control and using a gallon per use (we use a litre), in Appthis size of a trailer they have to have a 40 gallon tank, that’s over one use every hour, both day and night … pretty much just leaves me scratching my head wonder how and why.

I’m going to make an assumption that they have never really camped in their lives, they would spend most of their time in line up at the dump station, or learn pretty fast how to conserve, either way it would be a good lesson. And after seeing this we wonder why some of the older septic systems can’t keep up with this kind of water waste.

I can really see the need for some education on both water and electric conservation … maybe a yearly class in the recreation hall or maybe just some handouts to remind everyone that we are not hooked to city water and sewers, and that a well and septic are a different world altogether … just saying

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