July update

July 16th 2020

So we are back at LHR, after a few days off, a special thank you to Bonnie and Rich for seeing that we needed a break. It has been a busy season with many changes as people buy and sell, the turn over seems to have been fast and furious as so many people are changing their lifestyle to the new normal, so while some are taking advantage of the higher RV prices, most are being pickup up quickly as people are not traveling as before.

As we look ahead the next months will be busy as everyone is trying to escape the heat and humidity of the larger urban areas. Here the breeze off of the cool Lake Huron provides the needed relief in July and August, until September finds the change of the season.

So we spent some time in the Niagara region, and the most obvious thing that we seen was the lack of people, having lived in the area for almost two decades a trip to the Falls area would not even be a thought during tourist season, but now the town is empty. The area has just moved to phase II about two weeks ago, but patios were not busy, traffic was light, and it became obvious that the pain is not over by any means. The wearing of masks were required in most of the Niagara Falls area a stark change from what we found in the Stoney Creek area, where very few seemed to be wearing protection.

So Miss Laurie finally got to see family, the first time since October last year, most certainly very difficult times. Keeping in touch has only been done electronically for months now, and while great is still not the same. We were able to touch base with some of our RV family on Sunday via a Zoom meeting, like seriously six months ago we had never heard of Zoom, so does this make us Zoomers …. lol. It’s good to see friends even electronically, although we got cut off early by the app as the free version has a 40 minute limit … may be time for an upgrade.

And this Tuesday we actually got the kayaks into the water of Lake Huron for the first time, it was nice to get a look at the shore from the water but not the kind of kayaking that we usually do, we are more into rivers and streams where the wildlife is more abundant, the lake with the boats and jet skis is not our thing. But Miss Laurie got some beach time as the sun was warm and the water refreshing.

I find it somewhat disappointing how many people just defiantly break the park rules, having guests onto their sites, without registering or paying for them, I guess that must be because they don’t think they are worth acknowledging and not worth the five dollar charge, lots of people abide by the rules, it’s always the same few that try and cheat continually, and then act all offended, and play the we didn’t know card, that probably explains why they always seem to do all this after the office closes … or try to hide the second vehicle … thinking we are the stupid ones … guess what, we see most and add notes to the files.

Sorry I cannot end without commenting on the disaster to our south, like seriously, it’s obvious that no one is in charge, or if some one is it may be time for a change! And there are some state leaders that could be due early retirement, like Florida, Texas, Arizona, and Georgia jump to mind, just look at the death toll alone. To all our American family our thoughts and prayers are with you, please be safe and well.

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