A little of this and a little of that

Tuesday August 25th 2020

Well it could be the first sign of the changing seasons, I just finished trimming the grass this week to find this maple leaf all red and looking fall like, but the thermometer is still saying summer and at 27ºC (80ºF), and I can attest to that. But there it is anyway just as a reminder that fall is not far away.

But the reality is that we are not far from the preparation time for the trek to the south. Yah yah we know the Canadian border is still closed to protect us from the ongoing pandemic in the United States. But we do feel that it will likely open in a couple of months, the only reason it is still closed is because the Americans have done such a poor job of controlling the virus, that is just facts, say what you want, poor leadership is what has happened plain and simple.

We have many thing that need to be done on the coach before we head out, trailer hitch repair after a 4 wheeling incident in the desert, draining and cleaning the fuel and tank after our bad fuel incident, removing our old inverter (it’s unhooked, just needs to be removed) and install a new breaker box, chassis lube and an oil change on the big motor, there are a couple of radius rods that need some new bushings, a couple of outdoor recepticals with weather proof covers, and the list goes on.

So where do we start, well the fuel issue is my number one concern right now, I have changed too many fuel filters on the side of an interstate highway. So that is priority one at this point, I have got a fuel pump with a screen and plan to filter all the fuel about sixty US gallons (170 litres) worth, then I will remove the drain plug and flush the tank. Because this is going to take almost every fuel can that I have found, I need to do this pretty quick as that is a lot of fuel to have sitting around. So the plan is to draw all the fuel from the tank with the transfer pump, filtering it as we go, then drain the remainder of the tank, then flush with some of the newly filtered fuel, then replace the tank plug and transfer all the fuel back into the tank. So when all is said and done all the fuel will have been through the screen and filter twice which should reassure no more fuel issues. At least that’s the plan, so Monday I will be busy executing the plan, hopefully with no or very few hick ups.

There was a movie night for the kids last Saturday evening, with a huge white tarp on the work shop wall, allowing for a picture more than 10 feet (3 metres) high and excellent sound to make for a great night. But was very poorly attended for what ever reason, it has been a very difficult year with so many restrictions because of the pandemic, some parents seem to take the new requirements serious, but we have noticed some underage children just turned loose to run amuck, but that’s the normal difference of good or poor parenting skills … just saying.

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