Three year anniversary

Tuesday October 6th 2020

So this last weekend marked our third anniversary of fulltiming!

Yes three years ago we were tucked in beside the chicken coops at Al and Sue Beamers, just trying to figure out what our lives were going to look like, WOW, has the world ever changed, since then …

It’s about five o’clock in the morning, and as usual this old body had me up early again, just a couple of months ago I would have been greeted by a sunrise, but as we are into the fall months our days are quickly becoming much shorter. We have just got through a week of rain so the milder temperatures yesterday were a welcome relief, a great day to be outside in the sunshine, oh it was still jeans and sweatshirt weather, but much warmer than last week as we struggled to get to double digits on the thermometer hovering around 9ºC (49ºF).

Monday and Tuesday are our days off, but we have been chasing an elusive water leak at the park for a number of months. The park water consumption has been increasing instead of decreasing as the season comes to an end, so it was an all out effort to find and repair said leak before it became an even larger issue. But water leaks take time, and as stupid as it may sound they may need to be forced to show themselves, so this was the approach that we took, but all these things do take time.

So to help fill in some of the time Richard and I started winterizing some of the units which were ready to be closed for the season. We seem to have a lot more on the list this year than last, and with a sunny day it was a good day to get started, just to ease the load later. I suspect lots of people will be done after this coming weekend. This is our Thanksgiving weekend which is normally the last weekend for the park, this year we are stretched out longer and are still three week till the park closing.

Found it! Yes the leak has been located, and it’s a biggey, a main water line an inch and a half line on the south side of the park. Of course it’s not going to be an easy repair, they never are, in between trailers, working around stacks of fire wood, decks, patios and the like. This one will be very challenging as the lines are close to 4’ (1.2 meters) deep and will require multiple items moved. But we managed to get things moved, the water all pumped out, and the line has now been repaired and the water turned back on to the south side of the park – so this week will be a try to put everything back together day as we re-bury the line and repair the area … fun wow!

Ontario is well into the the second wave of the Covid pandemic, the reason is very simple, everyone started to let their guard down, it’s that simple, people not wearing their masks, too large of gathering, social bubbles that were not within guidelines, multiple bubbles to fit their needs, and the list goes on so here we are now being told to avoid large family gathering for Thanksgiving celebrations. And if we don’t get our stupidity under control there will be no or little chance of Christmas celebrations either, I don’t understand why it has been so difficult for so many. And now we have the president of the United States with Covid along with a couple of dozen of his immediate staff members. Again no mask, no social distancing, pretty much everything done wrong that was possible, hell he even went to a fund raiser after knowing he had been in contact with people that had tested positive, making him pretty much the poster boy of what not to do.

But even with all the pandemic crap going on, we are still looking forward to this years travels, the exact appearance of which is still up for discussion, but I’m pretty sure it will not include a Canadian winter. I know many British Columbia campgrounds are already full for the winter and getting there has many restrictions through the mountains. So it will be a trek south, either with the coach or by airplane, both will have some issues. But that’s about a month away and no one knows what will happen in the next month.

Winter rules for British Columbia travels

I know this blog has bounced around but with so many unknowns coming our way in the next month, there isn’t a lot of firm details to pass along … but the next 30 days will be interesting from many sides, not the least of which will be the American election … just saying.

Remember to be safe, stay strong and be well!

One thought on “Three year anniversary

  1. Can’t believe how time flies! Miss you both & hope your travels in the future are safe & enjoyable! Follow your dreams! We’ll follow you online!

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