Times are changing

Thursday October 29th 2020

So this morning I open Facebook and this pops up on my memories from three years ago …

… and I think to myself, who would ever of thought how things could change so much and in so many ways?

So the park closed at five o’clock Tuesday with the actual last stragglers pulling out at 5:29, it was a crappy cold rainy day, not a great day to end to what has been a very difficult season. I know that a lot of people found the park to be their escape from the craziness that this pandemic has and continues to create.

As countries around the world are starting to lock down and close businesses to try to control the pandemic, the theme is consistent we just got too careless, we started to act like it was normal, quit wearing our masks, started to get together with too many people, and now we are being forced to back up to previous restrictions.

Here in Ontario the high risk areas are being restricted, no indoor dining, and restrictions on many other services, our case load is 800 to 1000 per day. And we still have the fools that won’t wear a mask, let’s just refer to them as special, you will hear them berating some employee for trying to enforce the stores rules, or saying how their rights are being infringed on … my suggestion would be that they are not nearly as special as they think.

In Canada we just surpassed 10,000 deaths from the coronavirus, that is a lot of people to have their lives cut short because of this pandemic, but unless we quite being so darn special, I’m afraid it’s going to be a long winter for a lot of people. It has always amazed me just how special so many people think they are, Ontario just had a few days with more than a thousand cases, amazing just about two weeks after our Canadian thanksgiving … this was the thanksgiving that our politicians asked us not to gather with friends and family. Then we have our special politician that attended a family event with more than forty people standing shoulder to shoulder for a photo, and just to show us all how special he is, he decided to post it on Facebook … now that’s real special … just saying

Wednesday – my my it was beautiful here yesterday with lots of sunshine but with sub freezing temperatures forecast in just a few days we had to winterize the whole park, north side, south side, laundry, washrooms, pool and pump room, which made for a very long, very busy day, with lots of walking as every tap on the park had to be turned on and off at least twice and even more in some areas, today will be the completion of winterizing, with items like the honey wagon, power washer and the like, then we can start into our fall projects, tree trimming, electric panels, and lots more weather permitting.

This is normally the week we head south for the winter, but obviously that is not happening this year, but I was so glad to hear that the States has turned the corner on the pandemic and are only finding sixty to seventy thousand new cases a day. Now that may seem like a lot to people like me but I was assured it was only because of the high volume of tests being performed. And as one very special person said if there wasn’t so much testing there wouldn’t be as many cases … I’m obviously not special enough to totally understand all the complexity of the coronavirus, but according to many people on Facebook these people were going to die anyway so to blame all these deaths on the coronavirus are just the liberals over exaggerating the failure of the present administration.

This is why I love Facebook, what ever you want to hear or read can be found an any given day, in fact it’s so smart it starts just bringing you information that is catered to your wants and desires … don’t think so just look for something you would never look for, a good example I looked up some items for the park, now I’m getting lots of ads and articles for those items … the thing that most don’t realize, any body can post whatever they want on the internet, it doesn’t have to be correct or true, so if reading anything on the internet try to keep this in mind.

But I do enjoy Facebook for the memories that pop up, we use the platform to keep family and friends informed, to share photos and information, and of course I love the entertainment of reading such special things that people repeat at facts … just saying.

To our Canadian friends hope for a mild winter…

And to our American friends get out and vote so maybe we can come south next winter…

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