This is why!

Friday October 30th 2020

So we woke this morning to snow, now we are not new to snow, but we still don’t have to like it!

We are often asked why the park is not open later in the season, well this is why. This is also why there was a huge panic this year to get the park winterized, as the temperature dropped to 0ºC (32ºF) over night and here at 11 o’clock we have almost reached our high temperature of the day of 3ºC (37ºF) but with the breeze the wind chill will remain below freezing all day. So we closed the park on Tuesday at 5 pm and we were able to have everything protected from freezing at 10 am Thursday. It was kind of been like an endurance test this week, but one that we had to accomplish to evert any frozen water line nightmare …

We now have started working on park projects, Thursday we cut down three large poplar trees, which is just a start, we have a long list of trees to trim or remove. We were able to take down these first three trees by our selves, making use of seasonally empty lots, we are able to drop the trees and then cut them up and remove the debris. Because these three trees today were all poplar trees which literally explode when we drop them to the ground and the clean up is time consuming and cleaning up the debris involves gathering and burning all the smaller branches.

We also have a spool of tech-cable strung between a pair of picnic tables to replace one of the older power lines in the park. The old power lines was loop feed which means the power line runs to the first breaker box then goes on to the next, and then on to the last breaker box. So each power line feeds a total of 10 thirty amp sites, protected by one large circuit breaker. The new system will have three separate power feeds to three no espérate breaker panels, each with its own smaller circuit breaker. One of The issues has been that more people have been using their trailers as summer homes as opposed to weekend getaways, and have added almost every appliance that they would have in your home … the difference is that most homes are operating on 100 or 200 amp services as opposed to 30 amp circuits so breakfast and dinner were becoming overload times which would see the main breaker being tripped for that whole row. Just because of all the extra appliances being used at once instead of using the propane equipment that the trailers were supplied with, or as we say glamping not camping …

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