November beach days!

Sunday November 8th 2020

Hard to imagine a week ago we enduring blowing snow and sub freezing temperatures … and today we are sitting on the beach at LHR enjoying a 20ºC sun filled day … I am enjoying a craft beer from Cameron’s Brewing in Oakville Ontario, and Miss Laurie is walking the beach in search of the ever elusive beach glass.

And as odd as it may seem I have been able to get one bar of LTE on the Rogers network today down at the beach so I decided to throw together a little blog. It has been an amazing week here in Ontario, temperature wise with lots of warm, mainly sunny days, the only draw back has been the strong south west breeze that has been steady up until today.

We moved “Thunder” today, pulled around to dump the black tank at the dump station, and then made the big move from site 89 to site 217. It sounds like a big move but it was actually just across the road. So we now have a water supply connection from under the guest house, so after a today at the beach a long hot shower is top of the list for tonight’s activities … just saying

Miss Laurie decided to take advantage of the lack of breeze this morning to rack up leaves from number of sites and burn them on the road. It appears most of the leaves are down now and with a few warm dry days they burnt quickly …

Today’s navigational entertainment was provided by a few dozen Canada geese that obviously decided to float south this winter instead of that whole flying thing. I hope they are aware that they will still have to fly across the border because of the coronavirus restrictions.

November 8th 2017 Miss Laurie and I were enjoying the beach and sunshine at Panama City Beach in Florida, they certainly different times then, nobody had heard of Covid-19 and no one could have imagined how a virus would have killed nearly a quarter of a million Americans to date and still climbing.

Well yesterday it was officially announced that Joe Biden had defeated Donald Trump to become the 46 president of the United States of America. Donny has not conceded yet, as his team wants to drag it out with a lot of seemingly unfounded charges of voter fraud … you got him credit for sowing the seeds of doubt months ago when he first found himself falling behind in the polls. I think his first problem now is that most of the Republicans are trying to distance themselves from what’s left of Donny’s gong show. The really sad thing is that he maybe had some good ideas, but when you have only ran a family business he just didn’t have the expertise or finesse to present it in a form that the majority of people could accept. Yes in my humble opinion he should have spent a little less time trying to tear apart every thing that Obama had put in place … like the pandemic response team that he did away with … when you think of what his legacy will be, I am hard pressed to see much beyond the 250,000 plus deaths from coronavirus, it won’t be the wall because it never got built, I could be the trade wars that has cost Americans millions of dollars, or all the jobs that never returned from foreign manufacturers. The reality is that as long as we want to by cheap, factory jobs are not returning to North America!

Well that got a little deeper than I was going for when I started, what started with a beer on the beach on a sunny November afternoon has turned into a very deep, rambling of today’s thoughts. It’s going to different not having the easy target of what has Trump done today, so now I see my next target as being some of the special people in Ontario … like seriously over 1300 cases of coronavirus today … we need to be better than this … just saying

Be Safe, Be Well, and Be Smart!

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