U.S. coup attempt

Wednesday January 6th 2021

PROTEST or RIOT or a political COUP … call it whatever you want, but the reality of the situation is that what happened at the U.S. capital Wednesday was obviously insighted by the president of the United States to try to overthrow the election results of the November election.

This has to fall onto the classification of a coup, occupation of political offices, damage, looting, theft, gun wielding bare chested Trump supporters … yea thats pretty much the definition of a political coup.

So here are mobs of the delusional Trump supporters, who are fueled by the rhetoric of a flawed and failed leader. Truly very sad, but certainly not a surprise to anyone that has been listening to a deranged leader that has been supported by some senators that need to step up and do the right thing or just step down and walk away.

Where does one even start to try to rationalize what is going on in Washington DC today? I guess actually normal people most likely can’t explain what is going on, this a whole new level of political bedlam.

In fact the images remind me of some third world dictatorship, certainly not what one would expect from the mighty United States of America.

So much for “making America great again.” This latest blunder is obviously going to be the cornerstone of President Trump’s legacy. And I for one thought it would have been the total mishandling of the coronavirus pandemic that has killed hundreds of thousands Americans, but NO, this has to a whole new low in American history. Can you say the worst American president ever?

And even as the day unfolded, the lies continue, Trump is still saying that he won by a landslide, like this a seriously deranged human, in most cases some one this delusional would be relieved from his position and under medication and on a suicide watch.

I think the only description to do it justice would be domestic terrorist probably the best all round description for gun wielding people taking control of government buildings while destroying property … this is normally where the president would demand law and order, but I guess there are different rules for different rioters.

It looks like maybe it’s time for the grownups to take control of all the government houses, now that all that we see the results of all that “Trump support” for the Georgia senator candidates has helped the Republicans loose control of the senate, it will take some time to repair the damage done to the Republican Party, especially with so many senators supporting the whole fraudulent election foolishness. They should have taken the hint from Kentucky Mitch when he jumped off the Trump train last year.

To the criminals that carried out this coup attempt, I hope you enjoy the full force of the law because you are all committed treason against the country you were actually chanting as you committed your crimes, and to think you declare yourselves patriots is just laughable. Your nothing more than common thugs that didn’t even get paid by the dictator you were serving. very very sad.

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