April Fools? – I Hope Not!

Tuesday March 30th 2021

I have never been real big on April fools jokes, never tried to pull jokes on family or friends, and don’t really remember being tricked very often. So you can maybe understand me having just a little fear when I booked my Covid vaccine shot for April 1st.

So my age group has just been able to start booking our Covid vaccines shots as of this week, and to my delight I was able to book an appointment for this Thursday and according to the web site I will be getting the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, although it really wouldn’t have mattered to me which vaccine was offered because I think they all have pretty good results. And as Ontario seems to be well into the third wave of this pandemic I’m thinking to myself it’s just in time.

So for my friends here in Ontario, I am pleased to say the website worked well. Because we are living here in Goderich after entering my postal code the site directed me to the Huron-Perth public health site where it worked flawlessly, allowing me to pick a day, of course I picked the first open day which just happened to be April the 1st. And once I had picked the day then I had to pick a time, there were lots of times and were spaced every 15 minutes, so after submitting the form I had a confirmation emailed to me in in less than five minutes.

There also is a five page form that I needed to print and fill out to take with me to my appointment, it stated that I couldn’t print the form that I could get one at the vaccine site to fill out there.

The availability of Covid vaccines in Canada has been a bit of a political football because we are a country that doesn’t have the facilities to produce our own vaccine, and until just last week our American neighbour wasn’t willing to share. That left us securing our vaccine supply from European manufacturers, which has led to interruption of the deliveries, first because of manufacturing issues and now because of the European Union issuing restrictions on shipments out of the union as the third wave of the virus is hitting Europe hard. But of course everyone can find fault with anything that any government is doing, right or wrong it’s always easy to complain if you don’t have to make it work.

All I really know for sure is that the people that have been vaccinated seem to fairing much better than the people that haven’t been vaccinated. And of course now the people filling the ICU are those people that either thought the virus was a hoax or thought they were invincibility to the virus. So now we’re kind of working on the Darwin theory or a cleansing of the gene pool as the anti-vaccine people start to fall victim to the virus.

Be Strong, Stay Safe, Wear you Mask, and get your Vaccine when you can!

One thought on “April Fools? – I Hope Not!

  1. Excellent news that you will be getting the vaccine in a couple of days.
    Ralph got his yesterday. Still waiting for my age group to open up and I will be registered as soon as I can.

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