A sore subject?

Wednesday July 7th 2021

I’m always happy when I can provoke a meaningful conversation. And apparently yesterday’s blog stirred up a few people, which is what it’s all about.

So the one most common comment was that the vaccine is experimental! And you know what that is true. So let’s call it an experimental vaccine that is saving hundreds of thousands of American lives, even the simplest of people had to notice the death rate drop as the vaccination rate went up.

Now I know there have been a number of elected officials that did not and still do not believe in science, but it appears that the majority of those none believing leaders have rolled up their sleeve for a vaccine, I wonder why? It’s because they didn’t want to suffer through the virus or die from it. So they don’t believe in science, but they trust this experimental vaccine to protect them, kind of an oxymoron don’t you think.

So over the holiday weekend the most hated scientist of them all Dr. Fauci stated that close to 99% of the new infections were preventable if the vaccine had been administered, but obviously 45% of Americans would rather take a chance, on suffering or death before protecting themselves. I’m sure that must make sense to some one, some how, it’s just way too complex for me to understand.

Here is the simple math “Arkansas, for example, where the vaccination rate is 34%, has 17 new daily cases per 100,000 people, versus Vermont, the nation’s most vaccinated state at 66% vaccinated, which has only 0.4 cases per 100,000.” And obviously there is a political influence as most of the states with the lowest rates are red states with some of the most outspoken political people. But I’m sure those politicians are vaccinated, so help me understand when you live in a county that a serious medical issue can bankrupt a person why would someone not get a free vaccine to protect themselves from a long stay in a expensive hospital ICU, I’m sure there must be a logical explanation, and I would love someone to explain that to me.

As you can see Canada has been picking up our vaccination rate after getting off to a slow start, with the world sitting at only 25%, I’m thinking the pandemic is not going anywhere quickly. And as Canada nears the 70% mark countries that had vaccines long before us are now falling behind, and one might wonder why? Every country will have their share of “non vaxxers”, I know we do and of course there will be a few “flat earthers” again we have some of those as well. And of course there are the special people that have been told by Dr. Facebook that it is all a government conspiracy to track our movement. Like seriously the government don’t care that much about your movements (bowel or otherwise) to inject you with a tracking device.

So if there isn’t a real good medical reason not to get your virus, I’m thinking you’re falling into that special category, that are 90+% of all new cases, which could be a real serious wake up call for the special ones … jus’saying

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