2022 Happy New Years!

I think, although the jury may still be out

It’s New Years Eve!

Saturday December 31st 2021

Well it looks like we are going to make it, for better or for worse, as the world limps into another year, we have made it to 2022, but it is obvious that we haven’t learned a damn thing over the last year and a half. Oh, that may seem a little harsh to say, but I’m not known for being subtle, so lets look at what is happening, Covid is shutting down lots of venues, causing lock downs, and this new Omicron version of this virus it is causing many breakthrough cases.

But lets look at the bright side, people that have been vaccinated may get the virus, but seem to be getting much milder symptoms. but as usual the hospitals are being over run by thousands of “internet doctors” that were too smart for their own health. I couldn’t imagine being so set on my rights that I would risk dieing to prove a point, and then all these special people that weren’t willing to risk an “unknown vaccine” are now begging for an “experimental emergency drug” to keep their sorry asses alive. yea, that make perfect sense to absolutely no one that is smart enough to come in out of the rain. That’s all of my rant on “covidiots” for today, and remember I have always said “you can’t fix stupid”.

My original thought for this blog was to just give a quick look ahead into what the Buchanan’s were working on for this new year, I was going to tell you about the resumes that we had sent to numerous locations on Vancouver Island, for possible hosting positions for the summer. I was going to tell you about where we hopped to explore the the west coast of California, Oregon, and Washington as we head north. And then about after a summer of exploration on the Island how we hopped to explore some new States as we tried to take in the Albuquerque balloon festival in October before heading south to possible explore the Mexican Baja for the winter.

But right now at this point, who knows what will be possible, as lock downs are becoming the more common place, and as much as I don’t believe the border will ever close again, like it did over the past year, travel health insurance may become impossible to get. So what I was starting to structure as a feel good blog is now another blog that has nothing but unknowns!

So lets just end by saying Happy New Year, and Good Luck with surviving the upcoming year.

Be well, Stay safe, and protect yourself!

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