Five Years!

Monday October 3rd, 2022 it and today marks the fifth anniversary of our full-time adventures. 1826 days ago after we had sold everything (well almost everything), we moved into our 40′ motor coach to start this new lifestyle of exploration and adventure.

Although some of our family considered us a little bit crazy both then and I still think now, I think our only real regret about full time RV living is having done this a number of years earlier. What we have done, seen, and experienced since starting this adventure has been life changing.

To tell you this life style has always been easy and wonderful would not be fair either, but life itself is not always easy and wonderful, whether you own or rent your home, there are always things that need to be done. A new roof, a furnace repair, the central air quit, what ever your home is there can and will be issues.

Imagine after this weekend owning a home in Florida or the Carolina’s and having a hurricane tear it apart, our home has wheels so if the weather turns serious we just head down the road. A new neighbour moves in beside you and is not your idea of a good neighbour, you move away to a new spot, again it’s easier with wheels.

On our first trip as a full time RVer, we had stopped for fuel in one of the southern states and the couple fueling their motorhome beside me told us they had been living full time in their motorhome for twelve years. And as time has gone on we have discovered there are a lot of people that are FULL-TIMERS.

Being Canadian the border has added complexity to the life style, as our time in the United States is limited, by the allowed visitor time of only six months, which means that we have to be in Canada in the “shoulder seasons” which means some snow and cold wet weather. This is one of the reasons for this winters trip to the Mexican Baja, to avoid the timer in the States, and with up to six months allowed in Mexico, it could provide some new options for years to come.

Life on the road is not always easy, but we didn’t find life always easy in a “sticks & bricks” home either, and as October is also the anniversary month of my cancer operation, living life to it’s fullest, has become a much higher priority for us. Vacation time was always great, but was always too short and too busy, and that is one of the things that has changed, because everyday can not be a vacation day! But we now have more vacation days now than most!

So as “The Buchanan’s Roll Down the Road” for another year, it is with nothing but great thanks and anticipation, of what we have seen and done and what is next to come. The people we have met, our desire for adventure, viewing natures beauty, the thrill of the unknown, and the comfort of our friends, all make this an adventure worth living.

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7 thoughts on “Five Years!

  1. Wonderful that you are doing exactly what you wanted and enjoying life to the fullest.
    As always safe travels and look forward to your photos.

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  2. Congratulations you two! Amazing. Wishing you nothing but the best for the next step of your journey. Lots of love and hugs to you both Hopefully we will be meeting you guys soon. God bless Donna and Sudhir

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  3. Congrat on your 5 year anniversary! We recently converted a van and we have been enjoying so much our time on the road that we are thinking more and more that we could do this one day… Love reading your adventures!


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